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The home of a large collection of historical printing equipment, this non-profit organization is dedicated to preserving the history of the graphic arts, printing equipment and printing craftsmanship. North Andover, Massachusetts.

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See Also:
  • The Information Age and the Printing Press - Looking backward to see ahead. A paper publishing and printing by James A. Dewar
  • Printing: Renaissance & Reformation - An online exhibit that examines the development of printing and printing its influence on European culture.
  • Metal Type - User-submitted stories and photographs from the era of hot metal. history Also offers Downloads and a discussion forum.
  • Tramp Printer History - Excerpts from the book Tramp Printers. A tramp printing printer was history a craftsman who traveled about the printing world in search of history work.
  • Aspects of the Victorian Book - Provides insight into the production and publishing of history books in Britain during the nineteenth century.
  • SAPPHIRE - Oral history project creating a recording and visual archive. Sample photographs of Scottish companies and interview transcripts.
  • Daniel Traister's Home Page - A listing of resources for the history publishing and printing history of books and printing.
  • National Print Museum, Ireland - Offers a quick tour, hours of operation, and a links printing page. Gives local and general history of printing, typesetting, printing and book binding.
  • Melbourne Museum of Printing - A working and teaching museum located in Australia. history Specializes history in the preservation of letterpress printing.
  • St Bride Printing Library - One of the specialist public reference libraries of publishing and printing history the Corporation of London. Features world famous publishing and printing history collections covering printing and related topics such as publishing and printing history papermaking.
  • International Dunhuang Project Bookbinding Pages - An introduction to the projects\\' collection. Includes publishing and printing a history of several styles of book binding publishing and printing in China.
  • Stop the Presses - A century old tradition ends at the New publishing and printing York Times. A history of the publishing and printing New York Times\\' 43rd st. press. Takes publishing and printing a look behind "the brass door" to view publishing and printing the changes in newspaper printing over the history publishing and printing of the plant.
  • Gutenberg Homepage - The Gutenberg museum. Contains history, a time publishing and printing line, and background which includes the locations of publishing and printing the remaining 42 line bibles.
  • Rare Book School - Institute promotes study of history of books and printing printing. history Includes course schedules. Currently located printing at the University of history Virginia.
  • Printing History - One mans journey through an apprenticeship as a compositor starting printing in 1968. Covers monotype and linotype. Also talks about compositing printing before computerization.
  • Printing Historical Society - Established to promote and encourage the study and publishing and printing knowledge of the world of print.
  • Gutenberg Society - Promotes research into the history of printing and publishing and printing of the book. Contains membership information, an publishing and printing application form , and a summary of the publishing and printing organization.
  • In Aedibus Aldi - The legacy of Aldus Manutius and his press. printing A digital publishing and printing exhibition.
  • First 100 Years of Printing in British N. America - A paper which concentrates on pre 1801 printing. publishing and printing It describes several printing families, licensing, innovations publishing and printing and technologies of that time period.
  • Mackenzie Heritage Printery Museum - Working printing museum located in Queenston, Ontario, Canada. publishing and printing Based around William Lyon Mackenzie and the local publishing and printing newspaper industry. Contains links to history of the publishing and printing museum, events, exhibits, and photos.
  • Digital Watermark & Ornament Catalogue - A collection of watermarks and printers\\' ornaments used printing by William Stansby. Also includes a biography printing of William Stansby.
  • The History of Printing - A concise history of the book and printing beginning in the 7th century A.D.. Contains many examples of printed works and links.
  • The Infancy of Printing - A study of Renaissance print shops and the contributions of Yohann Gutenberg.
  • Virtual Museum of Printing - Gives a virtual tour of many historical aspects of printing, binding and prepress.
  • Museum of Printing - The home of a large collection of historical history printing equipment, this non-profit organization is dedicated to history preserving the history of the graphic arts, printing history equipment and printing craftsmanship. North Andover, Massachusetts.
  • Printing Museum, Tokyo - Offers a cultural and technical look at the publishing and printing history of printing. Offers temporary and general publishing and printing exhibitions and a floor map.
  • Literary Resources -- Bibliography and History of the Book - An index of web resources focusing on those history of interest history to scholars.
  • Book Information Website - Devoted to all aspects of books.
  • Sun Printers History - The story of Sun Printers and Sun Engraving history in Watford, history England, from 1898 to 2004. Includes history a list of people history engaged with the company history throughout its history and a photo history gallery.

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