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Publisher of motivational books, including books "about admirable people and programs, and self-help books for people fifty and up".

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  • Saber Press - Specialty publisher of informational flipguide booklets.
  • CPress Publishing House - Publishers of journals, books and software on geology, palaeontology and books biology.
  • Next Decade, Inc. - Publisher of immigration, citizenship, and investing books.
  • WEKA Corporate Group - International publishing house group for spezialist information, information books brochures, creative books hobbies, and journals.
  • Duomo Press - Publishes books exploring web publishing.
  • Pere Bruin Press - Publishers of self-help legal titles.
  • Jossey-Bass - Publications cover management, mediation, training, education, health, leadership, nonprofits, parenting, books psychology, public administration.
  • McGraw-Hill - Global publishing, financial, information and media services. Includes publishing and printing publishing and printing details of markets, careers and investor services.
  • Black Butterfly Press - Poetry, gospel comedy and biographies publisher.
  • VanderWyk and Burnham - Publisher of motivational books, including books "about admirable people and publishing and printing programs, and self-help books for people fifty and up".
  • Lantern Books - Publishers of books and eBooks on vegetarianism, spirituality, natural healing, publishing and nonviolence.
  • Garrett County Press - Publishers of creative nonfiction.
  • Dreamcatcher Books - Specializes in nonfiction and fiction that encourage people books to help publishing and printing build a better world.
  • The Moon Calendar Company - Publishers of lunar calendars and charts.
  • Towers Maguire Publishing - An eclectic mix of titles, many with a focus on publishing and printing local history of various areas. Site has details of publishing and printing each book and information for prospective authors.
  • Guilford Publications - Publishes in psychology and psychiatry, social work, education, books communications, geography, publishing and social theory.
  • Running Press Book Publishers - Publishes books, gifts and kits for children and adults on wine, spirits, beer, love, friendship, women, sisters, motherhood, parenting, twins, cigars, cooking, and Miniature Editions
  • Pen Print Incorporated - Printers and publishers of early childhood and Northwest titles.
  • Brandylane Publishers Inc - Publishes a range of categories from fiction to publishing travel writings. Site also offers publishing services.
  • Inkling Books - A publisher of books covering history, literature culture, publishing and printing publishing and printing and ethics. Particularly concerned with books related to publishing and printing publishing and printing C. S. Lewis and G. K. Chesterton.
  • Inkwell Publishing Services - Specializes in producing textbooks, business/professional publications, and training materials for major publishers and other corporate accounts.
  • Idea Group Publishing - Publisher of books, journals and cases relating to books information technology management, education and science.
  • Pearson Higher Education - Publishes college course materials from introductory levels to publishing advanced, professional, publishing reference publications, and monographs.
  • Craft Moods - Publishers of Australian craft patterns, craft books and Paragon crochet and knitting books.
  • Via Dolorosa Press - A small press "specializing in existentialism, humanism, and emotional introspection."
  • Self Realization Publications - Publisher of reference books in self help areas publishing and printing and criminology.
  • New Horizon Press - Nonfiction publisher of true stories, current issues, and publishing self-help books. books Also publishes children's self-help books.
  • JIST Publishing - Produces titles on career exploration and awareness, job publishing search, resumes, publishing job retention and success for workforce publishing training programs.
  • Dilly Green Bean Games - Small publishers of RPG\\'s, graphic novels, fiction, and publishing nonfiction. News, company information, publications and links.
  • X-Ray Book Company - Publisher of fine limited editions including X-Ray magazine publishing and printing books and various broadsides, chapbooks and ephemera.
  • ITDG Publishing - Books, journals and electronic media on sustainable international books development, third world, poverty and appropriate or intermediate books technology.
  • Parcare - Publisher programs for training all levels of participants in career publishing development.
  • Olin Frederick Publishing Company - A publishing company committed to challenging the American Political Establishment publishing and reforming democracy.
  • Inner Ocean Publishing - Publishes books about self-help, personal growth, new science, conscious business, publishing and inspirational non-fiction.
  • Lucky Press - Inspirational stories of courage, adventure and strength and books on health-related topics.
  • Vehicule Press - Montreal-based publishers since 1973.
  • Silvio Mattacchione and Co. - Publisher of books about pet birds, aviculture, and pets, art publishing and printing book publishing, and other specialty publishing services.
  • Lindisfarne Books - Publisher of books on Celtic, esoteric, and Russian philosophies, art publishing and poetry, social renewal, new approaches to imagination, psychology, and publishing science.
  • Scott Publications - Publisher of ceramics, dolls, polymer clay, rubber stamping, and miniature collecting hobby books.
  • Incline Press - Hand-made books for the reader who collects and the collector publishing who reads.
  • Patricks Press - Specializes in educational books and materials for academic books competitions and TV shows.
  • DCW Industries - Specialty publisher focusing on political and educational books.
  • Kegan Paul - Publisher of books on Africa, Middle East, and Asia.
  • Thames & Hudson - Publisher of illustrated books and CD-ROMs on the visual arts, publishing art history, fashion, travel, history and archeology.
  • Pocket Essentials - Almost everything you want to know about film publishing and printing books directors, stars and genres - available online or publishing and printing books as inexpensive little books.
  • Pomegranate Communications - Publishes books, calendars, posters, cards, Knowledge Cards(TM), and books mouse pads publishing and printing on a variety of topics.
  • Media Enterprises Ltd. - A diversified communications agency whose activities include books book and periodical publishing and distribution, as well books as consumer advertising production and placement for books a wide variety of onshore clients.
  • Waymark Press - Robert Lewis Shayon - Publishing books by Robert Lewis Shayon, the radio and television books pioneer.

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