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Represent literary fiction, women's commercial fiction, and popular nonfiction in the areas of health, psychology, spirituality, history, biography, and memoir.

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  • BookEnds, LLC - Agency and book packager representing a diversity of authors.
  • Salomonsson Agency - Based in Stockholm, Sweden, focusing on literary fiction, literary agents crime fiction and children\\'s fiction. Brief presentations of literary agents authors and some of their novels.
  • Jordans Text - Germany based literary agency, also provides editing and translations.
  • Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency - Represents a range of commercial and literary fiction, children\\'s books and serious non-fiction. List of books, news, articles and submission guidelines.
  • Strachan Literary Agency - Specialising in literary fiction.
  • Pacific NW Literary Associates - Information on literary representation in the Pacific Northwest. publishing Submission guidelines and biography.
  • Elizabeth Puttick Literary Agency - London-based agency representing authors for nonfiction (including self-help, publishing spirituality, health, science, history, business, women's issues)
  • Graham Maw Christie Literary Agency - Specialises in general non-fiction, including business, humour, health, literary agents and publishing popular culture. Located in London, England.
  • Margret McBride Literary Agency - 20-year-old agency representing commercial fiction and nonfiction, business projects.
  • Bonnier Group Agency - Handles sales of foreign and other rights for Swedish authors.
  • Knight Agency, Inc. - Representing many BET/Arabesque, Harlequin, Dell, Leisure, and Warner books.
  • Transatlantic Literary Agency, Inc. - Currently represents adult and children\\'s authors, and illustrators, literary agents across publishing Canada and around the world.
  • Bert P. Krages, Attorney at Law - Literary agent and legal services for writers, photographers, publishing and visual literary agents artists.
  • Mary Cunnane Literary Agency - Representing Australian authors, nationally and internationally. Adult fiction and non-fiction.
  • Christopher Little Literary Agency - Represents non-fiction and children\\'s and adult fiction. Includes client list publishing and agency and contact information. Located in London, England.
  • Jenny Bent, Literary Agent - Represent literary fiction, women\\'s commercial fiction, and popular publishing nonfiction in the areas of health, psychology, spirituality, publishing history, biography, and memoir.
  • Antony Harwood Ltd - International literary agency representing authors of fiction and literary agents non-fiction. literary agents Oxford, UK.
  • Progetto Inediti - Italian literary agency. Evaluation, revision, proofreading, draft editing, preparing of publishing and printing prefaces and cover back writings, writings of film scripts.
  • John Hawkins and Associates - The company work with a wide array of publishing and printing authors and represent domestic and foreign book publishing publishing and printing rights, audio, video, and film.
  • Studio B - Represents computer book authors.
  • DeFiore and Company - Literary management company dedicated to the long-term career publishing growth of authors and other copyright holders.
  • A P Watt - Represents novelists, biographers, historians, and specialist writers. London, publishing and printing UK.
  • Curtis Brown - Representing authors, playwrights, film and television writers and literary agents directors, theatre directors and designers, television and radio literary agents presenters and actors. UK based.
  • Soaring Spirits Literary Agency - Poetry, fiction, novels and other genres.
  • Azure Literary Agency - Azure represent writers in fiction, non-fiction, film and television. No reading fee.
  • Sheree Bykofsky Associates, Inc. - Agent, book packager and author and co-editor books.
  • Robert E. Shepard Agency - Agency representing authors of serious non-fiction books.
  • Sheila Ableman Literary Agency - Represents non-fiction works, including history, science, biography and autobiography, with literary agents a particular interest in ghost-writing and TV tie-ins. Located in literary agents London, England.
  • Nabu International Literary Agency - Founded by Silvia Brunelli, representing many internationally renowned publishing and printing publishing publishers over the years.
  • Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency - Represents illustrators and published and debut authors. Include company information, submission guidelines, and agent list. Located in London, England.
  • Paraview Literary Agency - Representing scientists, authors and innovators worldwide.
  • The Wylie Agency - An international literary agency with offices in London and New York.
  • Manus & Associates Literary Agency - Commercial literary fiction, adventure fiction, multi-cultural fiction, Southern publishing and printing literary agents writing, suspense and thrillers, literary fiction, women\\'s fiction, publishing and printing literary agents women in jeopardy, mainstream fiction, mysteries, and romance.
  • Cornerstones - Provides general advice on the publishing process, reading publishing and editorial publishing and printing assessment of manuscripts. London, UK. Literary publishing consultancy.
  • Ted Weinstein Literary Management - Literary agent representing authors of intelligent non-fiction, especially history, science, business, current affairs, environment and narrative non-fiction. No fees, follows AAR code of ethics.
  • Mercedes Ros Literary Agency - The agency specializes in: Children\\'s fiction and non-fiction, albums, board publishing books, religion, games and crafts. For adults: crafts, hobbies, sports, publishing parenting and self help. Located in Spain.
  • Levine Greenburg Literary Agency Inc. - Formerly James Levine Communications. Represents a variety of publishing genres, fiction and non-fiction, including YA. Has online publishing submission form.
  • Bengt Nordin Agency - Represent Swedish authors and their works worldwide.

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