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Canadian on-demand book publisher allows authors to have their manuscripts published in book form and available worldwide in a matter of weeks.

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See Also:
  • Fultus Corporation - Authors can publish manuscripts as a print-on-demand paperback publishing or eBook, as well as promote and sell publishing books. Also contains Fultus eLibrary, an online library publishing available for free.
  • IndyPublish - Independent publisher enabling writers to cost effectively publish on demand their publishing work to a global audience as print on demand and electronic publishing books. See online calculator.
  • eBookstand - Offering authors personalized print-on-demand publishing services, including design, on demand distribution, self-publishing, marketing, and eBooks by CyberRead.
  • Wheatmark, Inc - Offers book design, editing, and distribution. Features author publishing resources, testimonials, self-publishing and FAQ. Based in Tucson, Arizona.
  • DiggyPod, LLC - Printer provides online pricing, fast turnaround times. Quantities publishing include 25 on demand to 500 perfect-bound books, with full-color publishing covers.
  • E-Booktme - On-demand book publisher, providing book publishing services for on demand both publishing paperback and hardcover books and giving authors on demand the opportunity publishing to self-publish with wide retail distribution.
  • BookSurge - Publishing service and a community of writers, readers publishing and professional on demand editors.
  • Unlimited Publishing LLC - UP specializes in producing POD editions of previously-published books whose publishing rights have reverted to the author, and new books by publishing professional writers, scholars, experts and public speakers.
  • Lulu.com - Self-publishing for print-on-demand books, ebooks, music, images and custom calendars. self-publishing Authors set their own royalties and control the publishing process.
  • Infinity Publishing - Self-publishing service using print-on-demand.
  • Aventine Press - Book publisher specializing in print on demand self publishing publishing.
  • Blurb.com - Create and publish bookstore-quality books with free software publishing for PC self-publishing or Mac. Then sell your book publishing in the Blurb bookstore.
  • New Voices Publishing - Gives South African authors the opportunity of getting on demand their self-publishing work published through alternative methods.
  • YBK Publishers - Uses print on demand technology to publish books. on demand YBK otherwise traditionally designs, edits, typesets, and publishes on demand books for sale in bookstores and online.
  • AuthorHouse - Self-publishing service since 1997, dedicated to discovering and on demand publishing self-publishing distinctive voices in current literature.
  • NetPub Corporation - Provides a print on demand facility as well publishing as publishing, on demand finishing, drop shipping, and warehousing services.
  • PressForward - Canadian firm provides high technology book publishing services to scholarly self-publishing publishers, literary presses, or other independent publishing companies.
  • Derwent Press - UK-based publisher offering a high-quality publishing service at on demand an publishing affordable price.
  • Cold Tree Press - Independent print-on-demand publishing services group for writers.
  • Cosimobooks.com, Inc. - Print-on-demand publisher of cultural creative books.
  • Page Free Publishing - Print-on-demand self publishing service for both authors and self-publishing illustrators.
  • Llumina Press - Self-publishing services for print-on-demand and e-books include ghostwriting, publishing editing, and personal assistance. Writer\'s resources; unique books publishing available.
  • Long Dash Publishing - Bookstore offers in-store book printing services.
  • Outskirts Press - Turning writers into successful novelists with print-on-demand publishing services and self-publishing e-commerce webpages for each published book.
  • Xlibris - On-demand publishing service.
  • Pleasant Word - A print-on-demand service, part of Winepress Publishers, for self-publishing Christian writers self-publishing who want to self-publish.
  • Bookmark Self Publishing - Canadian service ranging from editing and proofreading to cover design and page layout; from book printing and distribution to marketing and publicity.
  • Bookchase, Ltd. - UK-based brokerage connects independent publishers with digital printers on demand in publishing the UK and the US.
  • Equilibrium Books - Australian print-on-demand publisher assisting new authors into print. on demand Open to submissions from all genres.
  • Trafford Publishing - Canadian on-demand book publisher allows authors to have publishing their manuscripts published in book form and available publishing worldwide in a matter of weeks.
  • Dog Ear Publishing - Print-on-demand self-publishing for books, picture books, poetry, cookbooks, children\'s books, and comic books.
  • 1st Book Publishing - Helping authors to get their multilingual books produced self-publishing and distributed on demand in North America and Europe, using self-publishing print on demand technology.
  • Xulon Press - Christian book publisher offering a number of print on demand on publishing demand services.
  • Universal Publishers - Book publishers of nonfiction, including academic, textbooks, science, technology, business, publishing legal, history, and medical.
  • First Choice Books - Canadian on-demand publishing and binding services for self-publishing self-publishing authors
  • WingSpan Press - Wingspan Press offers full service self-publishing packages.

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