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Free software that provides a web interface for managing, submitting, downloading and archiving documents. Developed for self-archiving but adapted for publication management.

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See Also:
  • 365media - Offers a suite of softwaretools for online publications publishing to streamline publishing the publication process.
  • Media Services Group, Ltd. - Software and services for publishing, publishers.
  • Book Publishing Software - Offers news and product information on software for publishing and printing publishing book publishers.
  • - Free software that provides a web interface for software managing, submitting, software downloading and archiving documents. Developed for software self-archiving but adapted for software publication management.
  • Vista International - A suite of tools for managing the pre-press, software editorial production software processes, and rights and royalties management.
  • Preview Systems, Inc. - Develops and markets internet-based infrastructure solution which provides publishing and printing publishers, distributors and resellers the ability to implement publishing and printing networks for the electronic distribution and licensing of publishing and printing digital goods. (Nasdaq: PRVW).
  • iArch Global - Developers of PubPro publication management software. Also provides publishing international consultancy focused on small and start up publishing magazine publishers.
  • North Atlantic Publishing Systems - Develops, markets and supports software products for pre-press publishing and printing publishing.

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