Research Projects Virtual Reality Computers

This page gives an overview of current and ongoing research on virtual environments at the TU Vienna. Projects focus on real-time graphics, user interfaces and multi-user systems.

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  • UNC Walkthrough Project - Long-running project, whose goal is to allow viewers research projects to experience architectural models in a simulated fashion.
  • The Modeling Virtual Environments and Simulation Institute (MOVES) - Researches and provides education in modeling, virtual environments virtual reality and simulation.
  • Experimental Motion Capture - A simple implementation of motion capture using a single video research projects camera. Project report and source code available.
  • UNC Pixel-Planes and Pixel-Flow - Research in revolutionary hardware architecture for 3D graphics.
  • Aspergers Syndrome Interactive Project - Investigating the use of virtual reality to teach computers social skills to people with Autistic Spectrum disorders.
  • UNC Geometric and Physically-Based Modeling - Projects on collision detection, solid modeling, visibility culling, computers and simplification.
  • Optical Headtracking Technology - Real time optical headtracking technology for virtual reality, research projects military research projects and cockpit applications.
  • Virtual Reality Laboratory in POSTECH University, Korea - Specialized research fields include presence in virtual environments, three-dimensional multimodal computers interaction, and software engineering for virtual reality systems.
  • SPIN - Spherical Projection Interface - A Virtual Reality device designed by the Laboratory for the Construction of Experimental Situations.
  • Research Center for Virtual Environments and Behavior - Multi-disciplinary virtual environment research center at the University research projects of California, Santa Barbara. Uses immersive virtual research projects environment technology to study numerous aspects of human research projects behavior.
  • TU Vienna Virtual Environments group - This page gives an overview of current and virtual reality ongoing computers research on virtual environments at the TU virtual reality Vienna. computers Projects focus on real-time graphics, user virtual reality interfaces and multi-user computers systems.
  • Human-Computer Interaction - BUILD-IT is a graspable interface for virtual environments research projects based computers on real bricks.
  • USC Institute for Creative Technologies - The ICT works collaboratively with computer scientists, entertainment computers and game development industries to advance the state computers of immersive training simulation.
  • Intelligent Virtual Environments - Carlos Calderon\\'s research combining virtual environments and artificial virtual reality intelligence computers techniques to enhance the interactivity of a virtual reality VE.
  • ScienceSpace Project - Explores the strengths and limits of virtual reality virtual reality (sensory research projects immersion, 3-D representation) as a medium for virtual reality science education research projects at GMU.
  • Virtual European Statistical Laboratory - This paper describes the VRML implementation of the computers V.E.S.L. and examines a number of advanced applications computers in the field of shared virtual worlds.
  • NICVE Salford - Centre for Virtual Environments at the University of Salford, specialising virtual reality in Collaborative Virtual Environments and Artificial Intelligence
  • UNC Nanomanipulator Project - A virtual-environment interface to Scanned-Probe Microscopes.
  • The UNC Tracker Project - 6D pose estimation for humans and devices.
  • High Performance Immersive Visualisation Group - Learn more about the HPIVC and our IPT system also computers called CAVE.
  • Cybersickness - Includes an on-line database of literature and links research projects relevant to the study of cybersickness.

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