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A knowledge base for people who play craps. Contains sites that have information on strategies, guides, tutorials, rules, and tips about craps.

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  • - Website that allows one to interact when playing gambling craps craps among dealers and players.
  • Teach Me Craps - Customized information for all levels of crapshooters from beginner to expert including rules, strategies, odds and contests.
  • Dice Coach - Dice setting and precision shooting classes, as well gambling as basic games and advanced game information.
  • Fat Tony's Craps - Odds, rules and strategy, including good bets and bad bets.
  • Mastering Craps - Strategies and methods for novices and experienced players.
  • Basics of Craps - Page is set up to teach one the games basics.
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  • All Craps - Free craps games, rules, odds, strategies, glossary of craps terms and gambling links.
  • Rec.gambling.craps FAQ - Frequently asked questions from the usenet newsgroup.

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