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Explores the potential and possibilities of breath and breathing, towards self discipline through the teachings of Dan Brulé (Guchu Ram Singh).

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See Also:
  • The Society for Holistic Breathing - Offers online training in Eastern techniques for natural alternative breathing and breathwork preventive maintenance.
  • The Middendorf Breath Institute - The San Francisco based centre provides details of breathwork practitioners, teachers health and workshops in \'The Experience of breathwork Breath'.
  • Optimal Breathing - Provides research material, programs and products designed to health improve lung capacity and general well being.
  • Authentic Breathing Resources - Offers breathing and breathwork exercises, tips, articles, meditations, breathwork research, and alternative workshops for health and self-transformation.
  • Breathconnection - International School of Essential Human Development. Information on training and workshops, links, articles, FAQs and publications.
  • Breathwork - Australia - A listing of articles and seminar details for heart opening, health personal transformation, relationship enhancement, emotional healing, and raising heart intelligence health using breathwork and other modalities.
  • Transformations Incorporated - Breathwork school combines conscious breathing with psychotherapy and bioenergetics. Specializes in abuse and women\'s issues. Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  • Venus Rising Shamanic Breathwork - A highly experiential technique designed to help individuals health remember and alternative reconnect with their own inner healer. health Linda Star Wolf, founder. alternative Facilitators and counselors list.
  • The Power of BreathWork - Provides information on BreathWork and related subjects.
  • Breathe Magazine for Rebirthing and Breathwork - A quarterly print journal that includes articles, descriptions, personal accounts, breathwork advertisements, news and opinions.
  • Earth Healing - Gail Darwin offers videos and books on breathing, breathwork recommended readings health and a newsletter.
  • Breathwork Discussion Group - Email discussion group/list on the topic of healing breathwork breathwork, especially rebirthing.
  • Seeds of Transformation - Susan Marie Iellamo, Integrative Therapist. Utilizing Transformational Breath, Somato-Respiratory Integration, energy and sound Healing. Northampton, Massachusetts.
  • Breathing Coordination - Information on continuing the research of Carl Stough. Includes health a list of practitioners and schedule of events.
  • Breath Mastery - Explores the potential and possibilities of breath and alternative breathing, towards health self discipline through the teachings of alternative Dan Brulé (Guchu Ram health Singh).
  • Intellect Breathing - Promotes endogenous breathing for preventive maintenance and treatment alternative of many illnesses. Central office in Novosibirsk, Russia.

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