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View Carol Hathor's Intro Video and videos on auric clearing,and karmic sessions. Find classes, biographies, or schedule a session.

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  • SoulWork - Multidimensional Soul Transformation - Clive Shane Hetherington and Cristiane Camargo Alegre offer distant healing absent energy healing healing services to resolve difficult life challenges, distant healing traumas and energy healing engrained issues. Minas Gerais, Brazil.
  • Lightened Pathways - Rosalind, spiritual healer, medium, clairvoyant and Reiki master practitioners practicing in energy healing Central Scotland.
  • Ivan Gellner - Spiritual healer provides details of services and background, distant healing as well as testimonials and FAQ.
  • Archangel Michael Healings - Offering spiritual counselling by phone from Sedona, Arizona.
  • Judy Mehr - Hands on and long distance energy healing using light and sound.
  • Peace Inside - Remote healing by Don in Perth, Australia. Includes distant healing a newsletter, forums, and dream interpretation.
  • The Healing Clinic - Free online healing by Christian John.
  • Wanda Pratnicka - Lay exorcist and psychotherapist.
  • Coherent Healing - Medical intuitive and psychic healer Matthew Healer provides worldwide distance healing over the phone. Based in rural Massachusetts.
  • Healing Holograms, Inc - Bill Austin offers spiritual healing from St. Petersburg, energy healing Florida. Includes biography and description of techniques.
  • Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga - Free distance healing by e-mail. Multilingual site maintained by Hans distant healing Neukomm, presently living in the Philippines.
  • Essential Pathways - Guided imagery and clearings by Dr. Rick Moss in Carmel distant healing Valley, California.
  • Jennifer Kaye - Medical intuitive reader based in Mercer Island, Washington.
  • Katsong - Creative Tools For Living - Holistic consulting and resources from intuitive therapist Katherine distant healing Rone.
  • Center for Bioenergetic Wellness - Richard Alexander from Fairfield, Iowa offers allergy elimination using NAET energy healing from a distance.
  • Your Healing Hands - Michael Stellitano, distance healer based in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • John Frank - Offers psychic healing over the telephone from London, practitioners England.
  • Marlana, Spiritual Healing Facilitator - Works over the phone, clearing blocks, vows, and energy healing dysfunctional beliefs.
  • Energy Medicine Healing and Counseling - Michael offers distance and spiritual healing, intuitive and practitioners empathic healing. distant healing Issaquah, Washington.
  • Chinese Energetic Medicine with Larry Kiser - Distant healing through principles of quantum healing. Based in Penn practitioners Valley, California.
  • Earth Release - Diana Burney offers remote energy clearing for real estate properties and businesses, individuals and animals. Ashland, Oregon.
  • Futurehealth - Remote healing, clairvoyance, psychic readings, spirit clearing by practitioners Andrew in energy healing Wellington, New Zealand.
  • Soul Release and Empowerment - Describes services and experience, with details of workshops practitioners and teleclasses. Based in Washington, USA.
  • Absent Energy Healing - Australia based spiritual healer Ron Wilding offers distant distant healing healing services.
  • A Time to Heal - Diane Radha Sivani, alchemical spiritual healer, offers reiki energy healing distance treatments. Mill Valley, California.
  • Robert Moonsong - Spiritual Psychic Energy Healing Medium - Provides remote healing readings worldwide by phone. DNA practitioners activation, EFT.
  • Healing for the Soul - Nathan Whiteside offers distance healing services. Oakland, California.
  • Numina Company LLC - Ani Lea offers telephone consultations and retreats in the USA energy healing and France, as well as an annual workshop. Includes background energy healing information and details of services.
  • Bio-Energy System Services - Michael Nudel and Eva Nudel, counselors. Los Angeles, distant healing California.
  • Susan Grey - Distance healer of people, pets, and places. Columbia, South Carolina.
  • Transformational Prayer - Connie Huebner offers healing from Fairfield, Iowa.
  • Holistic Intuition - Holistic intuitive readings with Maia Kincaid. Communication with pets. Bend, distant healing Oregon.
  • Psychic Healing - Artur Peter Bartosik, medical doctor, NLP practitioner and spiritual healer, energy healing offers distant healing through his mailing list.
  • Angel Paths Huggy Healing - Forum offers online healing and support. Maintained by practitioners Jan Shepherd and Liam Wickham.
  • Soul Wisdom Energy Transformation - View Carol Hathor\\'s Intro Video and videos on practitioners auric clearing,and distant healing karmic sessions. Find classes, biographies, or practitioners schedule a session.
  • Jennifer Katz - Brennan Healing Science practitioner offers distant healing by phone.
  • Peter Schramek - Offers long distance healing by email or phone. energy healing Based practitioners in Toronto, Canada.
  • The Ostis Method of Intuitive Healing - Anne Alyse Ostis offers scheduled phone sessions from practitioners Nevada City, California.
  • AngelHealing.org.uk - Angel healing service and distant healing from the North of energy healing Scotland.
  • Center for Healing and Training - Sally Witt offers High Level Merkaba divine energy distant healing healing, training, and spiritual counseling by phone or distant healing email from Morrisville, Pennsylvania.
  • SpiritScan - Ellen Rogers specializes in spirit depossession (also referred distant healing to as spirit releasement), and intuitive counseling. Malabar, distant healing Florida.
  • Mary Ann Michaels - Offers spiritual healing and counseling, hands on healing, energy healing long practitioners distance healing, healing workshops, and group meditation. energy healing Ocean, New practitioners Jersey.
  • Awakening-Healing and Counseling - Divine tune-up by phone from Keth Luke, Jan energy healing Carter distant healing and DrLight. New Port Richey, Florida, and energy healing Maui, Hawaii.

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