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Provides an electronic, searchable version of "A Modern Herbal," by Maud Grieve. Also includes message boards, articles, book reviews, and links.

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Botanical.com* - Provides an electronic, searchable version of "A Modern Herbal," by Maud Grieve. Also includes message boards, articles, book reviews, and links.

  • Herb Net - Collection of resources, including herb profiles, a practitioner directory, and herbs a calendar of events.
  • Suite 101: Historical Uses of Herbs - Offers articles on history, as well as information health on current health research.
  • Herbal Safety - Facts and safety information presented by the University of Texas El Paso. Includes an introduction to scientific monographs, herb fact sheets, articles, and presentations.
  • Evening-Primrose-Oil.com - Provides articles and information about the possible health alternative uses of herbs evening primrose oil, including PMS, autoimmune alternative conditions, inflammation, and weight herbs loss.
  • The Herb Society of America - Provides history and purpose, membership information, projects, programs, herbs publications, calendar, herbs conferences and scholarships. Includes herb herbs profiles, seed exchange forum, herbs and plant collection information.
  • kellymom.com: Herbs and Breastfeeding - Provides articles about how herbs affect lactation, and health safety information for nursing mothers. Includes research and health book references.
  • Pioneer Thinking: Herbal Health - Offers an alphabetical database of herbs and ailments, alternative and articles alternative about gardening and making herbal preparations.
  • Juniper and Sage - Includes information on preparing and using herbs for herbs medicinal and culinary purposes, and organic growing and herbs wildcrafting.
  • The Herb Coach - An e-zine containing herbal and natural health news.
  • goodHealthinfo.net - Seven Boston-area herbalists discuss their approaches to correcting health imbalances in health the body\'s energy, using herbs and health muscle testing.
  • Padma 28 And Tibetan Herbal Formulation - Discusses clinical and research study about Padma 28, health a tibetan health herbal formulation.
  • Herb Wisdom - Includes information about toxicity, recipes, lore, history, remedies, alternative and herbs alternative for pets.
  • Medicines and Foods from the Wild - Information about identifying, preparing, and using wild medicinal and edible herbs plants in the northeastern United States.
  • The Herb Index - An online guide for herbs and supplements, includes herbs scientific names and contra-indications.
  • Herbal Legacy - Offering herb information sponsored by Christopher Publications. Includes alternative sections about herbs recipes, ailments, formulas, programs and literature.
  • Herb Research Foundation - Orgainization dedicated to researching and providing scientific information on the herbs safety and health benefits of botanicals throughout the world from herbs multiple medical traditions. Find information about services and resources, news, herbs and sustainable develop
  • Directory of Herbs - A list of herbs and plants and their alternative magical properties.
  • Southwest School of Botanical Medicine - Medicinal plant photographs, illustrations, maps, abstracts, constituents, monographs, major papers health and folios by genus and species.
  • Essiac Information Site - Information about the herbal tea known as essiac, herbs including history, alternative controversial issues, scams, marketer ethics, product herbs prices, and recipes.
  • GreyWing’s Herbal - An online text with chapters about history, harvesting, alternative drying, horticulture, herbs preparations, and therapeutic actions.
  • Bouquet Garni Herbs - Provides information about growing herbs, and using them for health, herbs beauty, and cooking.
  • BC Herb Growers Association - Provides information about the organization and its members, herbs news, educational herbs opportunities, and an online herb database.
  • The Herbal Nexus - Herbs, their uses, folklore, medical information, photos, and a bookstore.
  • Herbs Herbals - Information about individual herbs, and instructions for making various types alternative of herbal preparations.
  • Trickstar in the Herb Garden - Includes a glossary, monographs, properties and phytochemicals, and health an email herbs newsletter.
  • Botanical Dermatology Database - An electronic, searchable version of "Botanical Dermatology," by herbs John Mitchell alternative and Arthur Rook, which includes a herbs botanical index.
  • Herbtalk Discussion - A free email discussion group with information about herbs herb safety, alternative remedies, and recipes.
  • Diet-and-Health.net: Naturopathy - Includes list of herbs using in naturopathic remedies, alternative with information health about their uses and hazards.
  • Linda's Herbal Remedies - Information about individual herbs and blends, and how health to make herbs remedies, salves, extracts, and capsules.
  • Holisticonline.com: Herbs - Herbal knowledgebase covers more than 2000 herbs from health around the alternative world. Also provides information about remedies, health interactions, preparations, and regulation.
  • About.com: Healthy Herbs - Weekly features and extras, product and book reviews, herbs free newsletter, chat and bulletin board from About.com.
  • Herbs for Weight Loss - Article about effectiveness and safety of herbs for herbs weight loss, health including ephedra, hoodia gordonii, cayenne, green herbs tea, seaweed, nettle, ginseng, health cascara, and senna.
  • Alternative Nature Herbals - Includes articles, herb profiles with horticulture and remedy herbs information, a health gallery of photographs, and links to herbs other herbal sites.
  • Culpeper's Herbal Online - Full text of Culpeper\\'s Complete Herbal (1653 edition). health Includes health breakdown by individual herb, directions for health making remedies and catalog health of simples.
  • The Herbal Encyclopedia - Alphabetical listing of healing herbs, with information about medicinal and alternative religious uses, and cultivation. Also provides articles about safety, storage, alternative remedies, recipes, and special uses.
  • The Daisy Institute - Information and testimonials about using herbal remedies for health various life-threatening herbs diseases.
  • Home Made Medicine - Provides information about herbal healing, home remedies, and health a complete alternative guide listed by illness.
  • Laurie Lacey's Wild World of Plants - Information about traditional use of plant and tree health medicines. Also herbs offers workshops, a weblog, and links.
  • Herbal Contraception - Discussion of herbs that have been used through alternative history to prevent conception, with modern observations on alternative how they work.
  • Suite 101: Herbalism - Articles, discussions, and links on the uses of herbs for alternative medicinal and magical purposes. Also includes suggestions for seasonal home alternative remedies, crafts, tricks, and tips.

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