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Pictures to approximate what the patient sees. Article about color problems, causes, and compensation with web design or browser settings.

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  • Colorblind - Short facts on condition. Links to self-diagnostic conditions and diseases test.
  • Mayo Clinic: Poor Color Vision - Includes overview, causes, screening, diagnosis, treatment, and coping color blindness skills.
  • Color Vision Information for Pilots / FAA Medical Standards - Pilot Medical Solutions provides FAA medical certification support eye disorders for conditions and diseases pilots and aviation medical examiners.
  • The Upside of Color Blindness - DISCOVER Magazine reports, "Color-blind monkeys make better insect color blindness hunters." Includes pictures of what the colorblind color blindness (do not) see, and Pseudoisochromatic plate.
  • Vischeck - Allows the user to see the world as eye disorders color color blindness blind people see it. Checks by images eye disorders and urls.
  • More Prevalent Among Males - A report from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute explains how eye disorders the condition is inherited.
  • Color Vision Confusion - Explains how web pages can be designed to conditions and diseases eye disorders avoid problems for those with colorblindness. Includes color conditions and diseases eye disorders wheels and references for design tutorials.
  • Children's Vision: Color Vision Deficiency - Describes signs, testing, causes, types, and disadvantages. From conditions and diseases the Optometric Physicians of Washington (OPW).
  • Colour Blindness - Wikipedia article includes a simple diagnostic test, rates eye disorders of eye disorders incidence, causes, and types of deficiency.
  • Egopont - Color Vision Test - Includes a color vision test which may help the visitor eye disorders to assess whether he/she is able to see colors correctly.
  • Color Vision - Discusses school difficulties from low color vision, as well as eye disorders inheritance and safety considerations.
  • Color Vision Test Detects Diabetic Retinopathy Before Vision is Lost - to ID those who will progress to develop more severe conditions and diseases retinal disease
  • Colors for the Color Blind - Provides background information and a set of charts to help those working with computer colors.
  • Firelily Designs - Pictures to approximate what the patient sees. Article about conditions and diseases color problems, causes, and compensation with web design or browser conditions and diseases settings.
  • Color Vision Changes Signal Blood Glucose Fluctuations - 70% of young type 1 patients without retinopathy have color conditions and diseases vision changes.
  • Color Blindness - Professional information on color blindness, related conditions and conditions and diseases conditions and diseases tests.
  • CNN: New eyeglasses designed to help people with colorblindness - Presents the views of an optometrist and ophthalmologist.
  • Looking for Madam Tetrachromat - Considers the possibility of superior color vision. Also discusses color deficiencies. Plain text, but includes URLs for links.
  • Colorblind HomePage - Explains mechanics and physiology, and includes color wheels to simulate color blindness what the disabled see.
  • Explaining Color Deficiency - Includes chart, tables, and pictures.
  • Color Vision Deficiency Information & Products - Searchable Online Accommodation Resource provides contact details for eye disorders United States makers and suppliers of assistive devices.
  • Gene Research on Cure for Colorblindness - A report from the Medical College of Wisconsin eye disorders outlines the results of trials to insert normal eye disorders genes into the retina using a retrovirus.
  • Severity of Colorblindness Varies - An article by the Professor of Ophthalmology at eye disorders Medical eye disorders College of Wisconsin.
  • Visolve - Software utility that transforms colors of the computer display into the discriminable colors for people with color blindness.
  • FDA Talk Paper: ColorMax Lenses - A fact sheet from the U.S. Department of Health and color blindness Human Services addresses the claims made by the manufacturers and color blindness promoters.
  • Seeing Color - Arizona State University provides definitions and tests.
  • Genetic Studies Endow Mice with New Color Vision - Howard Hughes Medical Institute researchers give human color conditions and diseases vision to mice.
  • Appearance: Colorblindness - How things look to someone who is colorblind. eye disorders Overview color blindness of tests and genetics.
  • Aspects of Perception - Illustrates "how people with less than three types of cones can confuse different wavelengths."

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