Standards Informatics Medicine

National or international standards and their associated sites directly related to some element of health informatics.

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See Also:
  • Development of Standards for Health Informatics - Powerpoint presentation concerning the Australian standards group IT informatics 14. Author: Peter Williams, Department of Health, New informatics South Wales, Australia.
  • Report on Pathology Request Codes (Extract) - Provided to Australian Department of Health by Standards Australia on medicine establishment of an agreed set of pathology result codes. Authors: medicine Standards Australia IT-14-6-5 working group.[PDF]
  • Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12 - Develops standards, in X12 and XML formats, and standards maintains, interprets, standards publishes and promotes the proper use standards of American National and standards UN/EDIFACT International Electronic Data standards Interchange Standards. Includes membership, committees, meetings, standards news and standards press

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