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Professional organization aiming to provide support to its members and engaging in research dealing with rural health issues. [English and French]

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See Also:
  • Royal Australian College of General Practitioners: Rural Faculty - Providing continuing medical education for rural practitioners through medical specialties publications, remote and rural web-based learning and vocational training.
  • Rural Ontario Medical Program - An association of physicians providing multi-specialty rural training remote and rural family medicine for residents and undergraduates. Features details of funded remote and rural family medicine rotations and locum opportunities.
  • University of Melbourne: Department of Rural Health - Incorporating a clinical school for medical undergraduates and medical specialties enabling medical specialties students in related fields to train in medical specialties rural environments. medical specialties Course details, post-graduate programmes and staff medical specialties profiles.
  • Western Australian Centre for Remote and Rural Medicine - Attached to the University of Western Australia and family medicine promoting medical specialties the recruitment, retention and professional advancement of family medicine country practitioners. medical specialties Features information on employment, education and family medicine research programmes.
  • Rural Doctors Association of Australia - Providing support, policy development, research, submissions and strategic medical specialties advice, remote and rural with membership information and details of current medical specialties projects and remote and rural achievements.
  • Society of Rural Physicians of Canada - Professional organization aiming to provide support to its medical specialties members and engaging in research dealing with rural medical specialties health issues. [English and French]
  • Rural Medicine Student Leadership Association - An outreach program of the University of Arkansas family medicine for family medicine Medical Sciences. Includes articles, curriculum details and family medicine residency information.
  • Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine - Professional organisation for rural medical education and training, medical specialties with membership and staff details, and information on medical specialties grants and scholarships.

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