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Information for teens on sex, birth control, fitness and nutrition, substance abuse, mental health, suicide, stress management, rape and abuse, and looking good. Includes a discussion forum, hot lines for teens in crisis, and a monthly feature.

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  • Cyberisle - Developed by teens, with information on smoking, sex, drugs, alcohol, teens gambling and disabilities. Also provides peer support and advice through teens discussion groups. [English and French]
  • Shaker Heights Teen Health Corps - A group of eight teens from the city health of Shaker teens Heights, Ohio share information on the health health issues and concerns teens facing teenagers today.
  • Teenbiznik - Public service web site focused on teen health issues. Also includes college info and survey data.
  • Child and Youth Health: Teen Health - Read about having a healthy body, how to deal with emotions, relationships and conflicts, and handling peer pressure.
  • FDA: Health Information for Teens - Features articles with important health information for teenagers, kids and teens ranging from nutrition and sun safety to eating kids and teens disorders and attention deficit disorder.
  • Teenagers: How to Stay Healthy - Answers questions about what to do and what kids and teens teens to avoid, vaccinations, specific teen concerns, and talking kids and teens teens to the doctor. [English and Spanish]
  • TeensHealth - Created by doctors, with honest, accurate information and advice about health, relationships, and growing up.
  • Cool Nurse - Information for teens on sex, birth control, fitness teens and nutrition, substance abuse, mental health, suicide, stress teens management, rape and abuse, and looking good. Includes teens a discussion forum, hot lines for teens in teens crisis, and a monthly feature.
  • GirlsHealth.gov - Provides information about fitness, nutrition, relationships, drugs and alcohol, safety, kids and teens and emotions. Includes news, free stuff, and a page where kids and teens girls can share their thoughts on posted topics. (Some free kids and teens stuff requires Adobe Reader.)
  • Lamplight - Helping teens make healthy life choices and build coping skills for life. Features advice and information about mind, body and soul.
  • Teen Health - A collection of health related facts every teenager should be kids and teens familiar with pertaining to social concerns, nutrition, substance abuse, sexual kids and teens and emotional health.
  • Teens First for Health - Health advice and information from the UK\\'s children\\'s kids and teens teens hospital, Great Ormond Street. Includes illnesses, allergies, real kids and teens teens stories, what to expect at the hospital and kids and teens teens health Q and A.
  • Properties of Hazards: Delicious Poison - Learn how diet, exercise, drugs and alcohol, lifestyle choices, and kids and teens genetics affect long-term health. Includes lesson and activities. [Pre-test and kids and teens post-test require file downloads.]
  • Cincinnati Children's Hospital: Teen Health - Health information about the adolescent anatomy, common conditions, diagnoses, treatments, medical tests, procedures and wellness.
  • Canadian Health Network: Youth - Providing information and advice on many topics through teens FAQs, quizzes health and games, with links to other teens helpful resources. [English and health French]
  • Familydoctor.org - Provides health information, written especially for teenagers, on drinking, eating kids and teens disorders, sex, smoking, STDs, and stress.
  • AdolescentHealth.com - Providing education, clinical care, research, and health care information for adolescents.
  • eHealth for Teens - Information for teens about fitness, nutrition, sex, drugs and alcohol, health and tobacco. Includes hotline numbers and links to school-based health health centers in Multnomah County, Oregon state, and the United States.
  • Teen Resource Guide - Offers information for teens about sexual issues, alcohol teens and drugs, values, mental health, and pregnancy. Includes teens links to support agencies in Rapid City, South teens Dakota.
  • Teenage Health Freak - Provides information for teens on bullying, body changes, health alcohol, drugs, teens accidents, moods, sex and not feeling health well. Talk to Dr. teens Ann, take quizzes and health read the notice board.
  • National Organizations for Youth Safety (NOYS) - Offers information on how to plan a safe teens party, stop health bullying, and youth safety projects. Includes teens email lists and daily health news and information.
  • Talking Kid to Kid - Read true stories, from other teens, about dealing kids and teens health with AIDS, alcohol, bullying, depression, tobacco, body image, kids and teens health and parents.
  • Teen Health Website - Links and articles about sexuality, sexual orientation, STIs, teens drugs and alcohol, pregnancy and sexual assault. Includes teens helpline numbers for teens in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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