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Frequently asked questions about how someone becomes a vet including career information, veterinary medicine, jobs, education, salary, advice, schools, and personal experiences.

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  • Jobs for Kids who Like. . . - Describes the nature, preparation, and future of various jobs in people and society relation to a school subject.
  • Careers in Earth Science - Provides a brief list of a few careers people and society people and society in the earth science field.
  • LifeWorks - Sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, LifeWorks is a careers career exploration site for middle and high school-aged students, parents, careers teachers, and guidance counselors. Includes 100+ medical science and health-related careers careers.
  • The First Year - Follows five teachers through their first year in the Los careers Angeles public school system. Reveals both the frustrations and the careers triumphs of the job.
  • S-Cool: Careers - Contains detailed career options and job details. Also has a questionnaire to help students find a career to suit them and descriptions of related companies.
  • Astrazeneca: Inspiring Careers - Career information for school children considering future employment people and society and career opportunities in the Pharmaceutical and Science people and society Industry.
  • The Role Model Project for Girls - Women tell about the careers they have pursued and the people and society training that helped them get where they are today.
  • College Majors and Careers - Rutgers University - Summarizes career options for various majors and lists related occupations, careers typical employers, and examples of jobs.
  • Environmental Jobs and Careers - Like to be involved in environmental jobs? This site will tell you more about it.
  • Institute of Food Science & Technology - Shows the range of careers in this industry, with a vocations database of courses and details of undergraduate programs in the vocations United Kingdom. Also includes an interactive quiz, suggested science experiments, vocations and resources for school projects.
  • Imagiverse - Features interviews from people in many different walks of life and their answers to students\' career questions.
  • Career Search - There are thousands of possible careers anybody can be when they grow up- from truck drivers to funeral directors, find information about them here.
  • The Paleontology Portal: Careers - Information about careers in paleontology and related fields.
  • Kids and Community - Describes what it\'s like to be a city vocations planner.
  • Are You Thinking about Becoming a Veterinarian? - Frequently asked questions about how someone becomes a vet including vocations career information, veterinary medicine, jobs, education, salary, advice, schools, and vocations personal experiences.
  • Computergirl - Information for female high school students interested in computer science. vocations Advice, resources, and answered questions from individual girls.
  • Test of Courage: The Makings of a Firefighter - Follow a group of dedicated young men and vocations women from careers diverse backgrounds as they pursue their vocations quest to become firefighters. careers From PBS.
  • Manufacturing is Cool - Enables students to explore exciting, challenging and interesting vocations careers in people and society manufacturing.

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