English as a Second Language

Provides many interactive quizzes, discussion forums and topic-based learning pages for students. On the teachers side, lessons and printable materials to use in class.

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  • Mingoville - ESL learning exercises in reading, spelling, writing and english grammar. Games also available on mobile phones.
  • Interesting things for ESL Students - Includes quizzes, games, and puzzles to help students school time learning English.
  • Activities for ESL Students - A project of The Internet TESL Journal that school time includes free quizzes, exercises and puzzles for students.
  • ESL Partyland - Provides many interactive quizzes, discussion forums and topic-based learning pages english as a second language for students. On the teachers side, lessons and printable materials english as a second language to use in class.
  • English Ladder - Offers 20 levels of interactive English quizzes. Requires free registration.
  • English Grammar Online - Offers exercises, explanations (grammar, writing), games, literature, teaching materials and information on English-speaking countries
  • Speech Accent Archive - Presents a large set of speech samples from english a variety of language backgrounds. Native and non-native english speakers of English read the same paragraph and english are carefully transcribed.
  • EFL Reading - Features ghost, horror, adventure and football stories, links and glossary. english as a second language Includes exercises to test comprehension and build vocabulary.
  • WordMania - Includes brainteasers, trivia, crosswords, hangman, word search activities, school time kids\\' school time area, classic books and links for ESL school time students.
  • ESL Wonderland - Includes interactive listening, reading, and grammar integrated activities.
  • English @ WSL - Contains English language quizzes, a listen while reading section, and english as a second language a dictionary.
  • ESL Galaxy - ESL resources for teachers and students, including worksheets,lesson plans, online exercises, grammar and vocabulary exercises.
  • Global English Kids - Online English lessons in Korean, Chinese and Japanese. Practice speaking, grammar, writing and learn new words. [Windows only]
  • Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab - Listening practice for students through self-grading quiz pages, school time comprehension english as a second language quizzes, and study material. Requires RealAudio or school time Divace.
  • Internet Picture Dictionary - Picture dictionary with interactive activities for ESL learners.
  • Fiesta English - Features grammar and vocabulary tests for Spanish speaking students, a Spanish-English vocabulary by category section and trivia quizzes.
  • Hello World - Offers songs, games, and activities in English. Learn about letters and print the alphabet.
  • Agendaweb - Includes online grammar, vocabulary, and listening activities.
  • Aardvark's English forum - Fill-in-the-blank and multiple-choice quizzes.
  • ESL Teaching through Songs - Worksheets using English songs to teach grammar elements. Includes articles school time about TESOL teaching (UK based).
  • English Exercises Online - Interactive exercises at all levels.
  • Longman Teens Community Website - Includes a chat room, interactive language reviews, and advice page.
  • Learn English with British Council - Includes games, songs, stories, various topics, and printable material.
  • ESL Projects - Featuring instructions and topics for English projects.
  • Multicultural Kids - ESL students from all parts of the world english as a english second language tell about their homelands.
  • English 4U - Has explanations how to use grammar combined with english exercises and school time includes information and exercises about countries english and cities, crosswords, irregular school time verbs exercises, texts and english quizzes.
  • ESL Discussion Center - Discussion forums for students of English as a Second Language. Organized by topic.
  • Learning Resources from CNN San Francisco - CNN stories with simple English, audio, video, and school time activities.

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