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Provides information about the people, history, culture, natural terrain, and tourist attractions in Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

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See Also:
  • World Monuments Map Puzzle - Interactive puzzle for locations and significance of the school time cultural geography monuments of the world. Also printable school time map of geography continents. Requires Windows 95, school time 98 or geography 3.1.
  • BBC Landscapes of Scotland - Develop map skills while exploring the highlands, central school time lowlands school time and islands of Scotland.
  • GeoNet Kid's Place - Explore the geography of the United States in social studies this school time interactive game created for students.
  • Drive Around the World - Learn about this ambitious project to travel around geography the globe social studies in order to raise money for geography Parkinson\\'s disease research. Includes social studies interactive map, daily journals, geography photos, and geographical facts.
  • Geography 20G - Provides a wide variety of information on regions of North school time America. Also project planners and homework schedules for the school time author's class.
  • World Trivia Web Quizzes - Learn fascinating facts about world countries. Each quiz school time selects 10 world trivia facts at random from school time a total set of 480.
  • GeoQuiz - Online geography quiz. Topics are shapes and locations countries, regions, social studies places, national flags, capitals and others. Requires free registration.
  • Barnaby Bear - Join Barnaby Bear on virtual tours of various geography parts of geography the world.
  • Berkeley Geo-Images Project - A photo library that is useful in geography geography more widely school time available using computers and the internet.
  • Library of Congress - Country Studies - Find in-depth information about everything from geography to social studies weather, school time from government to religion, for more than social studies 100 countries. school time Prepared by the Federal Research Division social studies of the Library school time of Congress.
  • Geo Game - Offers adventures from around the globe.
  • Test your Geography Knowledge - Contains quizzes on maps of continents, countries, and school time states.
  • World in the Balance - Based on the NOVA educational TV program. school time Articles school time cover topics such as human consumption, sustainable school time population rate, school time and the impact of the average school time age within a school time country. Page includes school time people counter, photos, quizzes, school time and maps.
  • Mr. S's Humanities Club - Includes information about mountains, rivers, weather, Greece, links and software reviews.
  • Country Scorecard - Choose a country and find statistics about its geography population, area, economy, health, and education. Includes images geography of flags.
  • Where is That - Maps and games for naming countries, states, and capitals. geography Also two player version.
  • Climate Zone - Climate information for cities and countries all over the world
  • Euratlas: Physical atlas - Interactive map of Europe locating mountains, rivers, countries, and towns. social studies Includes a map with links to photographs of the featured social studies locations.
  • Geography - Includes atlas, countries, maps, quizzes, and facts. social studies Also answers to FAQs.
  • BBC Schools - Geography (4-11) - List of geography websites for 4-11 year old social studies students, including games and activities and resources for social studies teaches and parents.
  • Countries of the World - Cultural and geographical information about countries of the social studies world through interactive maps.
  • Geographia - Provides information about the people, history, culture, natural geography terrain, and geography tourist attractions in Asia, Africa, Europe, geography Latin America, and the geography Caribbean.
  • Geography - Merriam-Webster's Atlas - Shares maps and geographical information about states and social studies countries.
  • Great Circle Calculator - Features calculating direct line distances between any two points on the earth's globe.
  • Countries Quest - Features articles about different countries organized by continent. geography Offers information social studies on natural resources, people, arts, economy, geography government, and history.
  • Atlantic Ocean - Provides facts about the second largest ocean including social studies background, geography, economic significance, transportation.
  • BBC Barnaby Bear - Where in the world is Barnaby Bear? Games, school time stories, social studies photographs and a scrapbook.
  • Photo Diaries and Sketches - View photos taken from around the world during Robert Bremec\'s travels. Includes slideshow feature.
  • The Greatest Places - Explore seven of the most geographically dynamic locations social studies on Earth. Learn about the Imax film, add social studies your own favorite place, get a Greatest Places social studies image, or check out the question of the social studies week.
  • Distinctive Geography of the Earth - Identifies the biggest, highest, deepest, lowest, tallest, longest, and most social studies populous countries, landmasses, oceans, lakes, rivers, mountains, and land surface social studies depressions on Planet Earth.
  • ThinkQuest - Geography & Travel - Winning entries from the international competition where student teams engage geography in collaborative, project-based learning to create educational websites.
  • Great Circle Mapper - Shows great circle path between specified points on social studies the school time globe with an aviation focus.
  • Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names - Searchable database of place names around the world social studies tells school time where it is located. Includes more social studies than a school time million ancient and contemporary names including social studies variations.
  • CIA - The World Factbook - Features map and brief descriptions of the geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military and transnational issues.
  • City Population - Statistics and maps about the major population clusters of the world. Also information about the capitals and principal cities of many countries. In English and German.
  • UN Cyberschoolbus - Country at a Glance - Learn basic information about countries all over the world by clicking on a country name to get basic facts about its geography, language, economy, and so forth. From the United Nations.
  • Enchanted Learning - Geography - Collection of geography pages, printouts and activities for social studies students.
  • Sheppard Software - Geography Games - Offers games which test geography of the world. geography Country names social studies are spoken and brief descriptions are geography provided.
  • Bermuda Triangle - Information about myths, legends, and folklore surrounding this school time phenomenon.
  • BBC Schools - Geography (11-16) - List of geography websites for 11-16 year old geography students, including geography games and activities and resources for geography teaches and parents.
  • Lesson Tutor - Features a selection of interactive puzzles on the states, countries, 13 colonies, capitals, and sign language finger spelling.
  • National Geographic - GeoBee Challenge - Online game changes every day with ten new geography geography questions.
  • My Wonderful World - Think about geography as a part of your everyday life. social studies Get the most out of the world with tips and social studies tools, and download your own action kit.

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