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Complete articles are posted from the journal, American Artifacts, on early microscope makers, hand corn shellers, early surveying instruments, a variety of quack medical devices, as well as information on early patents.

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  • M&R Gordon - Dealers in antique medical and dental instruments and antiques related material antiques for collectors.
  • Alan Walker - Photographs of a collection of stick barometers and medical and scientific wheel barometers, with details of their dates and medical and scientific history. Restoration and sales offered.
  • Bausch & Lomb Professional Model Microscopes - Discussion and photography following the evolution of the antiques Bausch and Lomb Optical Co.\\'s Professional Model Microscopes antiques between 1876-1896. Of interest to collectors of antique antiques microscopes and historians.
  • EBL Historical Collection - Images of medicine-makers advertising cards.
  • Wunderkammer Scientific Curiosities, Artefacts and Ephemera - Both a retail store and scientific and natural history museum recreation specialising in medical and scientific instruments, natural history specimens and recreation models. The website posts a news page every month.
  • Duncan Robert Antiques - A Canadian specialist in antique scientific and medical medical and scientific medical and scientific instruments since 1984.
  • Antiques of Science and Technology - Historical instruments of science and technology, for sale, repaired, and antiques bought, for collectors, museums, awards for scientific achievements, replications for antiques historical research and scientific movie props.
  • Medical Antiques Collector - Dedicated to the history of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, medical and scientific recreation and quackery as found in the antiques medical and scientific recreation and art of the past. Introduction to the medical and scientific recreation hobby and tips for beginners.
  • Sheffield Museum of Anaesthesia - Includes selection of old anaesthetic equipment which offers antiques an insight antiques into the evolution of the specialty antiques of anaesthesia over the antiques past century.
  • Museum of Microscopy - Site contains a museum of classical microscopes ranging antiques from the medical and scientific first European microscopes built in the antiques sixteenth century to modern medical and scientific microscopes from around the antiques world.
  • Historical Microscopes. - Brass microscopes, optical and other scientific instruments, books about microscopes and microscopy.
  • Antique Spectacles - Provides information on antique spectacles, eyeglasses, monocles, pince recreation nez and recreation lorgnettes. Also includes a virtual spectacles recreation museum.
  • Scientific Instrument Collection - Collector selling collection of antique and nearly antique medical and scientific scientific instruments.
  • Medical and Scientific Instruments - A collection of medical instruments used in anesthesia antiques and gynecology with a section on medical electricity. antiques (In Italian, French and English)
  • Museum of Questionable Medical Devices - Offers displays of quackery, fraud, deceit and deception; an online collection of medical chicanery.
  • American & Civil War Surgical Amputation Sets - Information and photos of American made surgical and recreation amputation sets made between 1800 and 1870. Detailed recreation data on Civil War surgical sets as well recreation as advice on how to collect and price recreation medical antiques.
  • Here Today, Here Tomorrow - Online exhibit of varieties of medical ephemera.
  • Le Saint Georges - Antique dealer specialised in scientifics instruments, globes and planetarium, sundials medical and scientific and microscopes.
  • International Society of Antique Scale Collectors (ISASC) - Galleries of scales, weights, and measures. Scale tutorial, membership information antiques and application.
  • Cathode Ray Tube Site - A collection of cathode ray tubes (CRTs), x-ray tubes, camera tubes and other electronic glassware, with information about the history of old physics equipment and links to other sites with shared interests.
  • Simon Weber-Unger - Austrian dealer of antique medical and scientific instruments including globes.
  • Allan Wissner - Buyer of antique microscopes presents articles, photographs, and list of patents.
  • Ars Machina - Buys and sells antique brass microscopes and telescopes. Credit Cards recreation accepted.
  • Apothecary Collectables - Sells antique bottles, old chemist and pharmacy supplies, labels, prints medical and scientific and oddities from the bygone apothecary.
  • Osborne's Antiques - Manufacturers and suppliers of barometer parts mercury tubes medical and scientific and thermometers for the repair and restoration of medical and scientific antique and modern barometers.
  • Kunstkammer Georg Laue - A Kunstkammer collection of \\'curiosities and wonders\\', where Renaissance and medical and scientific Baroque art meet science. Objects made from a variety of medical and scientific exotic materials are displayed with accompanying educational text.
  • Medical and Scientific Antique Collection - Curious Science is a specialist dealer in medical, medical and scientific medical and scientific scientific and curiosity antiques from around the world. medical and scientific medical and scientific The shop is located in Fulham, London, UK.
  • MedicalAntiques - Educational site for collectors and those interested in antiques antique medical, surgical, and bloodletting instruments.
  • The Barometer Shop - Buying, selling, repair, and restoration of antique mercurial recreation and aneroid medical and scientific barometers, clocks and watches. Also restore recreation other types of antiques. medical and scientific Includes examples of stock. recreation Located in Leominster, England.
  • Eye Antiques and Collectibles - Eye antiques display items from the ophthalmic past recreation including glasses spectacles, ophthalmoscopes, microscopes, and eye recreation exam items.
  • Scales and Weights - A collection of all types of historical scales recreation and weights recreation from different periods of the past recreation 3000 years.
  • Alex Peck Antique Scientifica - Sells antique medical, surgical, dental, and Civil War medical related recreation artifacts. Online illustrated catalogue and archive of sold items.
  • Quicksilver Barometers - English seller and repairer consistent with the original specifications of recreation the device.
  • Medical Antiques Online - Collection includes images and descriptions of stethoscopes and recreation other medical antiques items.
  • Edison's Universal Stock Ticker - A collection of antique tickertape machines which details antiques the histors medical and scientific of Wall Street and the stock antiques market.
  • Phisick - Presents a collection grouped by medical specialty, with medical and scientific photographs and descriptions of each item.
  • Health Physics Historical Instrumentation Collection - Photos and descriptions of radiation-related items from the medical and scientific past, including dosimeters, electroscopes, ionization chambers, radioactive sources, medical and scientific safety posters, quack cures, geiger-mueller counters, fluoroscopes used medical and scientific to fit shoes, and x-ray apparatus.
  • Antique Spectacles and Other Visual Aids - Historical and educational links with pictures.
  • Scientific Medical & Mechanical Antiques - Complete articles are posted from the journal, recreation American Artifacts, on early microscope makers, recreation hand corn shellers, early surveying instruments, recreation a variety of quack medical devices, as well recreation as information on early patents.
  • The Gemmary - Sells a full range of scientific instruments, including globes and medical and scientific planetaria, mineralogical apparatus, microscopes and accessories, calculating apparatus, and physics medical and scientific demonstration apparatus.
  • Weights of an Apothecary - A resource site for the antique weights formerly used by medical and scientific apothecaries, chemists, druggists and pharmacists. Most British weights of medical and scientific the 19th and 20th centuries illustrated and described. A forum medical and scientific for exchange of information and discussion
  • Pre-1870 American Surgical Antiques - Dr. Michael Echols presents information on Civil antiques War surgical sets with numerous photos of a antiques large collection of American made surgical sets. Identification, antiques pricing, and set evaluations provided at no charge.

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