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Articles, editorials and news about KM's role in the extended, intelligent enterprise. Features discussion forum, events, white papers and subscription information.

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  • CKO Online - Archive of electronic documents related to knowledge management, knowledge management strategic intelligence, organizational innovation and related management topics knowledge management with keyword search ability. Also offers subscriber knowledge management newsletter.
  • Journal of Knowledge Management Practice - E-journal brings together theory and case studies to publications provide organizations with an holistic understanding and practical publications insight. Features submission guidelines.
  • Knowledge and Information Systems - Quarterly peer-reviewed journal which provides an international forum knowledge management for researchers and professionals to share their knowledge knowledge management and report new advances on topics related to knowledge management knowledge systems and advanced information systems. Features call knowledge management for papers and
  • Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management - Academically robust papers, topical articles and case studies that contribute reference to the area of research in, and practice of knowledge reference management. Features papers in current issue and submission guidelines.
  • Knowledge Management Toolkit - E-guide for enterprise projects, offering how-to workbooks, project publications plans, planning guides, tools, templates and checklists. Features publications screen shots, online ordering and free newsletter subscription.
  • At Knowledge Magazine - Incorporates both online magazine as well as radio talk show reference content.
  • KM World - Practices and applications of information and communications technologies publications involved in publications the management of the component functions publications of KM systems. Features publications news, editorials, conferences and publications resources.
  • KnowMap - Bi-monthly web-based journal focusing on tangible tools and reference methods to ensure successful strategies and implementation of reference initiatives. Features subscription information and back issues.
  • Knowledge Networks: Innovation through Communities of Practice - Academic research in the field of Communities of knowledge management Practice, publications observations from consultancy and the accumulated wisdom knowledge management of practitioners publications working in the area of knowledge knowledge management networks. Features links publications to abstracts, author biographies, preface knowledge management and the full content publications o
  • IntelligentKM - Articles, editorials and news about KM\\'s role in knowledge management the extended, intelligent enterprise. Features discussion forum, events, knowledge management white papers and subscription information.
  • I3 Update - A monthly email newsletter on developments in the knowledge management knowledge economy. Features current edition, archives and knowledge knowledge management digest.
  • Knowledge Management News - A free email newsletter and information repository. Features subscription and submission information.
  • Emerald Knowledge Management Community - Articles, interviews, case studies, discussion forums, journals and publications a weekly knowledge management news brief. Features subscription information and publications contact details.
  • Inside Knowledge - A case study-based journal featuring articles on business publications applications. Offers publications archive, subscription details, links and contact publications information.
  • - An online full-text book published by the Brint knowledge management Institute. publications Offers articles on strategy and technology of knowledge management knowledge-driven organizations. publications Also features a newsletter and FAQ.
  • Simpler Work - Bill Jensen\\'s guide to how work design is knowledge management driven by knowledge management, knowledge work, communication, learning, knowledge management organizational change and transformation. Features message forum and knowledge management ordering information.

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