Chaos Chaos and Fractals Math

Interdisciplinary research group at the University of Tennessee concerned with deterministic nonlinear dynamic aspects. Includes overview, publications, bibliography, monographs, glossary and project information.

    Top: Science: Math: Chaos and Fractals: Chaos

  • Quantum-like Chaos in Prime Number Distribution and in Turbulent Fluid Flows - Paper concerned with the chaotic behavior of prime chaos number distribution chaos and fractals from the Indian Institute of Tropical chaos Meteorology.
  • Continued Fractions and Chaos - Scientific paper exploring some results of the theory math of chaotic dynamical systems. Includes abstract, proceeding and math references.
  • The Chaos Hypertextbook - Covering several aspects of the theory by topics, chaos and fractals chaos including nonlinear dynamics. Includes experiments for programmable calculators chaos and fractals chaos and definitions.
  • A Route into Chaos: The Logistic Equation - Introduction to sequence related functions. Addresses basics, logistic equation and chaos Lyapunov exponents. [English, German]
  • Chaos Demonstrations - Introductory course on chaos from the California Institute of Technology, math addressing basics, Lorenz attractor and Chua\\'s Circuit. Includes program source math code and bibliography.
  • Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology and Life Sciences - Brings together researchers, theoreticians and practitioners interested in chaos and fractals chaos applying dynamical systems theory. Includes membership information, publications, chaos and fractals chaos meetings, tutorials and other resources.
  • The Macsin Research Group - Research group concerned with various aspects of modeling, math analysis and control of nonlinear and chaotic dynamics math systems. Includes project and contact information.
  • Chaos: Making a New Science - Excerpt from the bestseller that brought the forefront of research chaos and fractals to public eye. Includes illustrations and links.
  • The Chaos Game - Outlines Barnsley\\'s chaos game, in which a random number generator is used to produce various fractals. Includes fractal screensavers.
  • Chaos at Maryland - Research group at the University of Maryland. Includes chaos and fractals papers, gallery, database, abstracts, software, bibliography and contact.
  • Chaos Research Group - Interdisciplinary research group at the University of Tennessee concerned with chaos deterministic nonlinear dynamic aspects. Includes overview, publications, bibliography, monographs, glossary chaos and project information.
  • Chaos Theory for Beginners; an Introduction - Brief introduction on attractors and disturbances, addressing the basics with chaos and fractals examples.
  • Nonlinear Science Group - Research group on nonlinear dynamics and chaos at chaos the George math Mason University, U.S. Includes publications, activities chaos and contact information.
  • A Beginner's Guide to Chaos - Covers the geometric and complex iterative framework by comparing chaos chaos to randomness. Includes illustrations and programs.
  • Wikipedia: Chaos Theory - Free encyclopedia article describing the basics of the chaos and fractals theory. Addresses mathematical, physical and historical aspects.
  • Yahoo Groups: Caostheory - Discusses the theory and its applications in various fields, such math as medicine, astronomy and art.
  • CompLexicon - Terminology glossary about complex systems and chaotic dynamics.
  • Online Chaos Course - Interactive, nontechnical introduction to chaos physics and chaotic chaos and fractals motion in classical and quantum mechanics.
  • Quatuor - Discusses the order of deterministic chaos. Includes pictures and background math about fractal dimensions.
  • Emergence of Chaos - Demonstrates how chaos emerges following a change in chaos and fractals a parameter. Includes mathematical formulations and diagrams.
  • Chaos and the Solar System - Article about the development of the theory and math its astronomic chaos and fractals insights.
  • Sci.nonlinear FAQ - FAQs collection from the sci.nonlinear newsgroup. Addresses basics, tutorial, applications math and computational resources.
  • Chaos: A Pictorial Introduction - Illustrates some essential features of the theory which math have received chaos media attention in recent years. Includes math animated pictures.
  • Chaos Theory: A Brief Intro - Brief introduction to the theory. Includes an essay describing fractional dimensions.
  • Chaos - Introduction To Chaos by Michael Cross. An chaos online course math at Caltech.
  • In the Wake of Chaos - Short review of book exposing the actual philosophical implications of chaos theory.
  • An Introduction to Lindenmayer Systems - Discusses the modeling of fractal plants with L-systems. Includes theoretical chaos and fractals background, references and code.

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