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  • Modeling Agglomeration and Dispersion in City and Country - A critical analysis of the literature surrounding the social sciences field of economic geography.
  • Program for the Human Environment - A research center at Rockefeller University that explores how long-run technical change relates to productivity and efficiency of energy, materials, land, and other resources, and the consequences for human populations.
  • History of the U.S Cultural Environment - A research and bibliographic guide to UC Berkeley social sciences print and web resources for the study of social sciences the cultural geography of the United States.
  • National Atlases: Presenting the Nation's Cultural Geography - Historical overview of statistical atlases and census maps social sciences that human geography express the cultural landscape of the United social sciences States.
  • The Geography of Transport Systems - A project developed to promote access to transport geography information. geography Includes material to support undergraduate courses, including articles, exercises, GIS-T geography datasets, and PowerPoint presentations.
  • Community Development in the 1990s - A report describing how the National Community Development Initiative (NCDI) has successfully helped underwrite the efforts of community development corporations (CDCs) around the United States.
  • National Geography Standards - An outline with excerpts from the publication of human geography the human geography same title produced by the National Geographic human geography Research and human geography Exploration. An educational guide that discusses human geography the spatial integration human geography of human and physical phenomena human geography distributed over the Earth\'s human geography surface.
  • Prisoners of Geography - An article that explains why landlocked nations may never enjoy access to the markets and new technologies they need to flourish in the global economy.
  • Mapping and Analysis for Public Safety - Discussion and examples of crime mapping. Features an social sciences overview human geography of current research, publications, bibliography, and links social sciences to related human geography sites.
  • Urbanizing GIS - A discussion of how Philadelphia is trying to social sciences apply GIS (Geographic Information Systems) effectively to the social sciences complex circumstances that surround neighborhood planning in a social sciences troubled urban environment.
  • Economic Geography Research Group - Promotes research in economic geography by organising meetings, social sciences developing contact and cooperation among geographers and other social sciences social scientists, and encouraging the publication of research.
  • Human Geography Department at Macquarie University - Features information for current and prospective students, staff human geography profiles, geography current research, publications, and contact details. Also human geography offers links geography to related resources, career opportunities and human geography calendar of events.
  • Project Vital - A laboratory for the study of geographic information human geography technologies geography as they relate to transportation. Features project human geography overview, links geography to related resources, job opportunities, and human geography contact details.
  • Lansdowne Geographic Research - Essays in historical and sports geography by Philip McEachern.
  • Economic and Business Geography - Outlines several definitions of economic geography and discusses social sciences research issues related to the field.
  • Rachel Slocum - Information on her research into climate politics, feminist geography science studies, food security and racism. Features abstracts geography of publications and curriculum vitae.
  • H-HistGeog: Historical Geography - H-Net discussion group dedicated to examining the intricate relationship between human geography space and time. Features subject overview, archive and subscription information.
  • SDSS for Location Planning, or The Seat of the Pants is Out - A paper by Larry Daniel that reviews the general characteristics of a spatial decision support system (SDSS) applied to site analysis.
  • Borderbase - Portal features reference materials related to international borders and tripoints. Includes photos, links and news.
  • Cultural Landscapes - Lecture notes providing a discussion of the social landscapes of North America.
  • The Spatial Economy - Article by Masahisa Fujita, Paul Krugman and Anthrony Venables that geography describes the dramatic increase in research on economic geography. Includes geography a discussion of spatial aspects of the Dixit-Stiglitz model of geography monopolistic competition.
  • Project Gigalopolis - A research project working to extend and refine geography the Clarke Urban Growth Model for making predictions geography at regional, continental and eventually global scales.
  • UKBorders - An archive that provides the digitized boundary data associated with geography the 1991 Census of Population of the United Kingdom.
  • Regional Inversion - Essays by Luis Suarez-Villa, of the University of social sciences California, human geography Irvine. Features sections devoted to the role social sciences of human geography innovative capacity, tangible and intangible infrastructure, social sciences and a description human geography of inversion at the metropolitan social sciences level
  • Sex Differences in Geographic Knowledge - A Sex Roles journal article describing gender differences geography in acquisition of environmental knowledge related to wayfinding geography behavior, spatial anxiety and self-estimated environmental competencies.
  • Consensus-Building in a Multi-Participant Spatial Decision Support System - Abstract of an article by Robert D. Feick human geography and Dr. G. Brent Hall that describes integrating human geography and visualizing spatial data sets for regional planning. human geography The complete text of the article is available human geography in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.
  • Cultural & Human Geography - A description of employment opportunities provided by the social sciences Association of American Geographers.
  • Association for Border Studies - Features membership details, board of directors, information on meetings and geography calls for papers, and contacts.
  • Four Dimensions of the Center-Periphery Conflict in the Polish Electoral Geography - Tomasz Zarycki argues that Polish electoral geography is social sciences based both on political ideology and elements of social sciences the spatial distribution of the population
  • The Society for Human Ecology - An international and interdisciplinary professional society that promotes the use geography of an ecological perspective in both research and application.
  • Cultural Landscapes from Around the World - A gallery of pictures covering many aspects of human geography cultural geography.
  • Human Navigation - An article from the MIT Encyclopedia of Cognitive geography Science by social sciences Herbert Pick that discusses cross-cultural research geography into environmental knowledge and social sciences wayfinding behavior.
  • Climate and Health Research Program - A research group concerned with climate and health, urban health and wellness and environmental epidemiology. Features descriptions of research projects, links to related resources, and contact information.
  • Residential Energy Consumption Survey - A report on geographic information about U.S. households and their human geography energy usage from 1978 to 1997.
  • International Boundaries Research Unit - Home page of the International Boundaries Research Unit, (IBRU) located social sciences at the University of Durham. A source of information social sciences on boundary and territorial issues around the world.
  • The Maritime Cultural Landscape - An essay describing the concept of traditional maritime human geography zones of transport in terms of human geography.
  • Mable/Geocorr - A web application that generates report files documenting a social sciences wide array of U.S. Geographic entities.

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