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Reserved for websites which predominantly sell salt for seasoning purposes on-line.

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  • Maine Sea Salt Company - Solar-evaporated sea salt from Maine. Natural, seasoned and food smoked varieties. Also collections, bulk, and wholesale.
  • Swartkops Sea Salt Company - Marina coarse salts and Braai Salt produced in South Africa.
  • Pure Himalayan Crystal Salt - Salt crystals for better health.
  • - Unprocessed natural Hawaiian sea salt with alaea, a seasonings baked Hawaiian food red clay.
  • Spepper - Offers is a proprietary blend of salt and pepper combined salt in the same dispenser.
  • AlsoSalt - Sodium free salt substitute. Includes information on low salt sodium diets.
  • The Lakeview Drive In - Homemade french fry salt from The Lakeview Drive Inn. seasonings Great on french fries, chicken, popcorn, steak and onion rings.
  • Brittany Sea Salt - Natural hand harvested sea salt from marshes of Guerande in food Brittany, France. Offers pure, unprocessed varieties.
  • Salt Traders - Offers sea salts from worldwide locations. Also Danish seasonings smoked salt.
  • WhiteBird Celtic Sea Salt - Offers Celtic sea salt for culinary and therapeutic purposes.
  • Redmond Minerals - All natural sea salt with minerals, Kosher certified.

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