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Proprietors of fine aromatic incense resins, herbs and woods, natural incense mixtures, Japanese incense, exotic oils, organic meditation cushions and yoga mats.

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See Also:
  • Incienso De Santa Fe, Inc. - Handmade incense and southwestern design burners.
  • Scentsations Incense & More - Sticks, fragrance oils, burners, and accessories. Also offers incense sea and bath salts.
  • Buddha Offering - Illustrated catalog of incense and burners. Based in alternative California.
  • Incense Man - Sticks, cones, logs, and coils. Also offers burners aromatherapy and diffusers.
  • Incensemania - Specializing in Padmini incense. Includes products by alternative scent, and variety packs.
  • Smoking Bottle - Stick, powders, and cones. Also offers burners, diffusers, and ash aromatherapy trays.
  • WSS, Ltd. - Offers coils, sticks, resins, and gums from around the world. aromatherapy Also offers burners.
  • Moonrose - Sticks and kits, burners, fragrance oils, candles, and beaded curtains.
  • MoonShadow Trading Company - Sticks and cones, burners, and scented oils. Also offers candle aromatherapy holders and henna tattoos.
  • Incense Central - Hand rolled sticks, resins and charcoal, and cones. Also offers alternative burners and storage boxes.
  • The Mothers Fragrances - Incense cones and sticks, gift sets, oils, and alternative burners. alternative Also offer lamps and tea light alternative holders.
  • Botanical Creations - Hand-made stick incense, smudges, and aromatherapy candles. aromatherapy Includes available incense scents and benefits of each.
  • Incense Guru - Specializing in products from the far east. Also alternative offers smoking alternative bottles and ash catchers.
  • Scents of Earth - Proprietors of fine aromatic incense resins, herbs and alternative woods, natural incense mixtures, Japanese incense, exotic oils, alternative organic meditation cushions and yoga mats.
  • Country Cottage Works - Supplier of candles, soaps, massage blends, essential oils.
  • The World of Natural Fragrance - Aloeswood and sandalwood whole woods or powders. Also alternative offers vanilla aromatherapy bean pods.
  • ScentsiblePrice - Incense and fragrances, burners and holders, and candles.
  • Victoria's Scents - Sticks, cones, and oils. Also offers ceramic and wood burners.
  • Ramakrishnananda's Gifts - Hand rolled incense, resins, and smudge sticks. Also alternative offers yoga aromatherapy supplies.
  • PeacockAngel - Handmade, custom designed incense for any special purpose aromatherapy or ritual.
  • Airs Fragrance Products, Inc. - Incense, perfume oils, and rooms sprays prepared from incense exotic flowers, alternative unusual fruits, woods, and spices.
  • Essence of the Ages - Imported incense and from various countries. Also offers burners.
  • Spiritual Scents - Sticks and powders, burnable oils, ash catchers, and alternative scented candles.
  • Magic Is In The Air - Handmade sticks and oils. Also offers burners and candles.

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