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All about ear candles, ear candling and ear cones, showing all the varieties that Wally's produces, in beeswax and paraffin, with herbs or plain.

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  • Kiss Ear Candles - Offers ear candles, and information about how it ear candles works.
  • Lynn's Corner - Handmade candles made from pure parafin or beeswax health and cotton muslin.
  • Wally's Ear Candles and Supplies - All about ear candles, ear candling and ear alternative cones, showing all the varieties that Wally\\'s produces, alternative in beeswax and paraffin, with herbs or plain.
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  • Soully Created - Holistic products and therapies. Specializing in hemp ear candles.
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  • Bee Hemp Ear Cones - Ear cones made with hemp, beeswax and soy health wax.
  • Kati's Skin Care - Natural and scented cones, accessories, and skin care ear candles products.
  • Wholistic Health Solutions - Natural beeswax ear cones. Includes instructions, history, and expected benefits.
  • Magic Middle Earth - Beeswax and cotton candles from Western Australia. Includes usage instructions ear candles and expected benefits.
  • C & H Ranch Herbal Ear Cones - Handcrafted beeswax herbal ear cones in 9 varieties plus specialized aromatherapy products.
  • Harmony Cone - Handmade ear candles from food grade or bees wax.
  • Hope E Candles - Handmade linen and beeswax candles.
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  • Green Goddess Ear Candles - All natural, cotton fabric and pure beeswax candles.
  • Kansas Candles - Handmade using certified organic beeswax and organic cotton.

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