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Inspired by Nikola Tesla's free energy theory, purple energy plates have been reported to heal, clear negative energy and improve life.

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  • Verilux, Inc. - Offers a variety of products designed to be health used in light therapy. Includes neodymium incandescents, health compact fluorescents, and reading lamps.
  • Kwicksilver Electronics - Parasite zapper. Alternative health electronic instruments designed to health rid bodies alternative of parasites, viruses and bacteria using health low voltage electrical energy. alternative Colloidal silver makers with health automatic features.
  • Total Health Associates - Bio-electric, sonic and photonic, and electro-magnetic equipment. Also health offers air and water purifiers.
  • Philip Stul - Tesla Purple Plates used as protection against electromagnetic feedback and health to raise vibrational frequency.
  • Energy Tools Environmental Research Foundation - Frequency instruments and other energy therapy and measurement alternative devices.
  • Thermo Flow Products - Far infrared pain relief clothing, gloves, bedding, towels, alternative and caps.
  • Energy Creations - Offering Orgone generators, designed to emit "positive light force energy", health as well as distance sessions.
  • Adermark - Pendulums and dowsing rods, electro-magnetic field protection discs, health and structured energy healing water.
  • Thermo Flow Now - Chemical-free products use the healing properties of far-infrared energy healing rays, alternative for pain relief and increased circulation. Includes energy healing body wraps alternative and bands, towelettes, apparel, and gloves.
  • Advanced Tachyon Technologies - Healthcare professionals in over 93 countries use our health Tachyonized products. energy healing Now these products are available direct health to you, from Advanced energy healing Tachyon Technologies International.
  • White Mountain - Subtle energy devices that make Homeopathic and Energy Remedies, neutralise energy healing environmental pollution, give your tap water healing qualities, plus channelled energy healing guidance from Gillian Lee.
  • Bio Energy Research - Vibrational energy products from Takionic, Forzz 10, Biotak health and Potenz. alternative Includes body care, apparel, and health light beads.
  • Multidimensional Technologies - Builders of Subtle Energy Activation Devices which is a multiple-wave health oscillator that produces a full spectrum and harmonic rich field health that activates life force energy to raise the bodies frequency health to a state of wholeness.
  • Transformation Technologies - Vibrational energy healing tools, magnetic, therapy,light and sound, energy healing zappers, colloidal silver generators, rife generators,o zonators and energy healing chi machine.
  • Sacred Waves - Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls. Also offers chakra oils and alternative tuning forks.
  • Power Warders - The secret of longevity and good health known to alternative the ancient priests and Pharaohs nowadays is accessible for everybody!
  • Geopathic Stress - Energy neutralizers to clear a home from distorted and stressed alternative energies, includes usage instructions, benefits, and research information.
  • Innersource - Self-help programs in book and video format for alternative developing optimal physical, emotional, and spiritual health through alternative energy medicine.
  • VibraSound - State of the art neurotechnology, sound, and vibrational health equipment to health enhance the energy fields while improving health relaxation.
  • Rayma Health Bracelet - Specialized metallic alloy jewelry works with energy meridian energy healing points for better circulation.
  • Protonic Creations - Sells orgone energy generators, psionic receivers, and related health devices for health harnessing the life force energy.
  • Phi Harmonics - Protect the bodys energy field from the harmful effects of alternative electromagnetic field radiation with disks, pendants, and EMF equipment.
  • The Energy Store - Energy healing products and services from Australia including water systems, health electro-magnetic field and geopathic stress reducers, and dowsing equipment.
  • Star Energetics - Portable light spa creates an energy field similar health to the alternative life force in the body to health clear energy blocks.
  • ASL Distributing, Inc. - Healing Rods for balance, energy work, and increased health awareness.
  • Sota Instruments Inc. - Specializing in products for bio-electric protocols including parasite zappers, magnetic health pulsers, colloidal silver generators, and ozone generators.
  • Heal the Heart - Pythagorean Tone Healing: Ancient Art reawakened. Create harmony health and balance, health and rediscover synchronicity with a personal health CD. This is a health handmade creation specific to health yourself.
  • Soliton Lasers - Low level laser products utilizing higher dimensional soliton wave technology alternative for pain relief, chakra balancing, and general health.
  • The Cosmic Octave - Aspects of music and astronomy using precise correspondence health tables and health tuning forks applied to therapy.
  • Orgon BrainWave - Offers brainwave generators, rife generators, parasite zappers, and energy healing orgon plates.
  • The Wisdom Light - Chakra-balancing, sound therapy, use of crystal bowls and alternative singing bowls.
  • Copenlabs Radionic Instruments - Radionics meters, analyzers, and other testing equipment for determining homeopathic energy healing remedies. Also offers books and courses.
  • Solo Regeneration Ltd. - Offers energy technologies for personal experimental and experiential energy healing purposes, linked to positive health, alternative aspects of life, energy healing personal growth, and empowerment.
  • Blend - Barry L. Edelman, ND specializing in electromedicine and alternative oxygen therapy.
  • Vibralife Institute Laboratories - Pendant to strengthen resistance to the effects of health both stress health and electromagnetic fields,increase energy levels, and health improve mental performance
  • Just Magnotherapy Plus - Bio-electric, far-infrared, and magnotherapy products and devices.
  • Modern Vastu (Energy) Science - Pyramid Energy Healing and Feng Shui Systems.
  • Getting Thru - Resources and information for holistic healing, energy psychology alternative and personal and spiritual growth.
  • Life Force, Inc. - Equipment which realigns the body\\'s frequencies to enhance the immune system and remove pathogens.
  • BioLithoEnergies - Improve your concentration, communication, and thinking capacities at energy healing all energy healing ages.
  • The Magic of the Purple Plates - Inspired by Nikola Tesla\\'s free energy theory, purple health energy plates health have been reported to heal, clear health negative energy and improve health life.
  • Spiritual Healing Instrument - New instrument affects chi by a universal spiritual force. Acupuncture health without acupuncture needles.
  • The Sulis Remedy Maker - Homoeopathic diagnosis and recommendations based on the Korsakovian Scale.
  • Tools for Healing - Alternative healing resources: Hulda Clark, Bob Beck, energy energy healing therapies, zapper, black box, silver pulser, magnetic pulser, energy healing EFT, BSFF, TAT, bioenergetic and natural healing methods.
  • Harmonics International - Products using photon technology, the resonance of light, sound, and energy healing color, to shift negative energies to positive and awaken healing energy healing potential.
  • Scada Research - Specializing in zappers, pulsers, and colloidal silver generators.
  • Luminanti - Vibrational medicine products and books including tuning forks, aromatherapy, structured water, and light therapy instruments. Also offers information regarding energy healing.
  • MedFaxx - Sells alternative, non-invasive, non-drug technologies to both alternative medical professionals energy healing and end-users of the products.
  • Dimensional Design Products‚ Inc. - Products designed to protect against electromagnetic radiation on health the human alternative body.

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