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  • American Biotech Labs - Manufacturer of ASAP brand colloidal silver.
  • Advantage Pharmaceuticals - Manufactures and sells Invive brand silver protein.
  • Natural Immunogenics Corp - Manufactures laboratory produced Sovereign brand colloidal silver, and offers laboratory colloidals analysis of colloidal silver products.
  • PII Distributing - Produces and sells a colloidal silver solution ( silver ionic ) and manufactures colloidal silver generators.
  • Purest Colloids, Inc. - Manufactures Mesosilver brand colloidal silver.
  • Earthborn Products - Markets 100 ppm Monatomic colloidal silver, and provides vitamins and minerals information on research, safety, uses, and dosage.
  • CS Pro Systems, Inc. - Offers colloidal silver and CS generators

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