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Offers news updates, educational information and letters people can send to their US Congressional Representatives in support of labeling legislation.

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  • Wholesome Goodness Productions - Links, resources and videos about industrial agriculture, biotechnology genetics and sustainable alternatives. They're fed up!
  • Say No to GMOs - Focuses on grassroots education, activities, and resources in biotechnology Texas for biotechnology consumer choice regarding genetically modified food. biotechnology Includes news, a list biotechnology of foods to avoid, biotechnology an HEB letter campaign, and a biotechnology list of biotechnology activities and events.
  • People Worldwide Grappling with Genetic Manipulation - People in the Orient, the Southern Hemisphere, and Europe have been refusing to have genetically-altered crops in their soil.
  • Genetic Engineering Action Network (GEAN) - Seeks to support and further the work of those organizations biotechnology and individuals working to address the risks to the environment, biotechnology biodiversity, and human health, as well as the socioeconomic and biotechnology ethical consequences of genetic engineering. Action tools, calen
  • GeneWatch UK - Concerned with the ethics and risks of genetic engineering. Fact biotechnology sheets, publications and a database of GM crops and foods. biotechnology (Please note that GeneWatch UK should not be confused with biotechnology The Council for Responsible Genetics in the USA which publishes biotechnology a newsle
  • Genetic Engineering - Jeremy Rifkin applies for patent on human gene scrambling to genetics prevent anyone doing it for 20 years.
  • Genetically Engineered Food Alert - Advocates FDA-mandated testing and labeling of GE foods. biotechnology Learning resources activism and activism information.
  • Genetic Engineering and Its Dangers - Large links list to general, ethical and technical information about genetics the dangers of genetic engineering in general and its use genetics in food production, biowarfare and human beings.
  • Keep Maine Free From Genetically Engineered Crops - State wide coalition introducing a bill calling for activism the moratorium biotechnology on growing genetically engineered crops throughout activism the state of Maine.
  • GMO-free Regions - Regions and people in Europe have declared themselves "GMO-free" expressing their commitment not to allow the use of genetically modified organisms in the agriculture and food in their territories. Information about their conferences, news, disc
  • Genetix Update - The UK Genetic Engineering Network (GEN) is an information sharing network for anyone actively campaigning against genetic engineering.
  • Campaign to Ban Genetically Engineered Foods - Articles and links in multiple languages concerning genetically activism engineered foods.
  • Genetically-Engineered Food Dangers - Features articles critical of genetically engineered food, links and listservs.
  • Californians for GE-Free Agriculture - Provides education and resources in support of the biotechnology rights of farmers and communities to evaluate and biotechnology address the environmental, human health, and economic risks biotechnology of genetic engineering in agriculture.
  • Genetix - From urban75, "one of the UK\\'s busiest online biotechnology magazines". Includes genetics a large list of contacts and biotechnology links to further information.
  • Planet Earth Issues Homepage - The New Gold Rush - An article describing the race between pharmaceutical companies activism to patent human DNA for profit. Ethical issues activism are addressed including the danger of creating a activism genetic underclass.
  • Organic Consumers Association - For the labeling of genetically engineered or biotech activism or GMO genetics or Novel food, and encouraging organic activism food and pesticide reduction. genetics A clearinghouse for activists.
  • Greenpeace's True Food Network - Up-to-date information from Greenpeace USA on genetically modified biotechnology foods and actions you can take to make biotechnology food safety a reality.
  • Friends of the Earth: Genetically Modified Food - UK national campaign outlines its aims, concerns about biotechnology genetically engineered foods, a shopper\'s guide and an biotechnology action plan.
  • Genetech Discussion - Supports discussions against genetic engineering.
  • Campaign to Label Genetically Engineered Foods - Offers news updates, educational information and letters people genetics can send activism to their US Congressional Representatives in genetics support of labeling legislation.

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