First Aid Health Kids and Teens

A series of questions used to assess the knowledge of boy scouts. Covers many accidents and injuries associated with hiking, climbing, and camping.

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See Also:
  • Kid's First Aid - Basic first aid skills, poison prevention tips, and care guide to help kids who are injured.
  • KidsHealth: How to Use 911 - Learn why 911 was created, when to call, kids and teens health and what else you need to do.
  • Poisons - Simple advice for emergencies, as well as fact kids and teens sheets, and information about prevention.
  • CPR: A Real Lifesaver - Knowing what to do when someone stops breathing health can save kids and teens their life. This article explains what health CPR is, and where kids and teens it is taught.
  • Mayo Clinic: First-Aid Guide - A comprehensive list of topics covering minor and health major injuries first aid and accidents. Each section can be health printed.
  • When It's Just You in an Emergency - When there\\'s an accident or someone collapses, the best thing health might be just to call for help. Find out what health to do and who to call.
  • Bites & Stings - Fact sheets cover insects, snakes and spiders in Australia, illustrations to help show the correct first aid to use in each case.
  • Going With the Flow of Nosebleeds - Most kids have had at least one of kids and teens these, so find out what to do when kids and teens it happens.
  • First Aid - Describes the basic steps for dealing with emergencies kids and teens first aid and accidents, using diagrams and simple lists.
  • First Aid Tips - Lists common injuries and emergencies, and what to do about them. Includes the ambulance number for the United States.
  • First Aid - Broken Bones - Tells what a fracture is, what to do for broken first aid bones or sprains, and how to help with shock.
  • First Aid Preparedness Exam - A series of questions used to assess the health knowledge of boy scouts. Covers many accidents and health injuries associated with hiking, climbing, and camping.
  • First Aid - Basic - What To Do - Explains what it is and five things to remember when a friend needs help.
  • First Aid - Burns - Tips for helping when someone is burned by health fire or chemicals. Also tells about electrical burns health and sunburn.
  • First Aid - Poisons - Tells what they are, different way poisons get health into the first aid body, and how to help.
  • First Aid - Bleeding - Tells how to help someone who is bleeding. Explains what kids and teens to do for heavy bleeding, light bleeding, objects in a kids and teens wound, and nosebleeds.

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