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Learn to say "hello" in over 30 different languages, plus find links to resources about the languages, the cultures, and language learning on the Web. From the Internet Public Library.

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  • The Lithuanians - Learn the alphabet and some words, along with sound files. Also, has stories with voice narration. Includes links to radio, music and genealogy links.
  • Some Notes on the Turkish Language and Alphabet - An introduction to the pronunciation of useful words and expressions.
  • Basic Maltese Grammar - Learn the basics of Maltese including alphabet and foreign languages numbers. kids and teens For older students.
  • The Greek Language - Information on grammar, pronunciation, and the Greek alphabet. school time Also school time has some historical background.
  • Norwegian in 5 Minutes a Month - In depth topical tutorials for learning to speak foreign languages Norwegian.
  • Bulgarian Basics - Some basic Bulgarian vocabulary words grouped by topic.
  • Modern and Ancient Alphabets - Displays more than 30 alphabets from around the world.
  • Esperanto - Fun way to learn about this invented world foreign languages language. Includes the rules for nouns, adjectives, and foreign languages verbs, and contains a vocabulary section. May not foreign languages work well in all browsers.
  • ASL Browser - Learn how to sign common words and phrases by watching video clips. Requires QuickTime to be installed. May not work on all browsers.
  • BBC Languages - Interactive lessons and games with sound clips and kids and teens foreign languages videos for learning basic phrases in Spanish, French, kids and teens foreign languages English, German, and Italian.
  • Learn Dutch - Online language course covering vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.
  • Say Hello to the World - Learn to say "hello" in over 30 different kids and teens languages, plus find links to resources about the kids and teens languages, the cultures, and language learning on the kids and teens Web. From the Internet Public Library.
  • Bahasa Indonesian - Learn basic Bahasa Indonesian, geared toward travelers. Offers foreign languages 8 school time lessons with sound samples, a dictionary, and foreign languages cultural notes.
  • Kiswahili Home Page - Learn about this language that is also known foreign languages as Swahili. Page includes an introduction to foreign languages the alphabet, vocabulary words, grammar, nouns, and verbs. foreign languages Also, includes history of this language that foreign languages is used today by citizens of Kenya, Tanzania foreign languages and Uganda.
  • Multikultur@ - University of Cambridge language aspiration project focuses on foreign languages inspiration school time through cultural learning. Registration required.
  • Learning Latvian On-line - Learn about the Latvian alphabet and how to school time say kids and teens everyday greetings. Page includes spoken sound school time files and kids and teens a short review quiz. Second school time section may require kids and teens the addition of special fonts.
  • Little Explorers: Portuguese Dictionary - Translations from English to Portuguese with a picture foreign languages dictionary.
  • Education Guardian - Language Learning - Specially selected articles, written and audio, to broaden vocabulary and school time grammatical skills while also learning more about each country. French, school time German, Italian and Spanish.
  • Hebrew for Me - A collection of interactive, Hebrew mini-lessons from Jewish/Israel sites around kids and teens the world.
  • Dutch for Beginners - Introduction to Dutch grammar and vocabulary.
  • Learn to Speak Swahili - Translates common words and phrases from English to foreign languages Swahili. school time Pronunciation can be heard with the use foreign languages of RealPlayer.
  • Bilingual Vocabulary Quizzes - Java quizzes to test your vocabulary in over 20 languages.
  • LingoZone - Place to learn languages and meet people from foreign languages all school time over the world. Uses My Vocabulary, foreign languages a tool school time that creates word lists and manages foreign languages them.
  • Apples4theteacher - Offers games to learn American Sign Language, Gaelic, Polish, and kids and teens Spanish.
  • French & Spanish with Mr. Russell - Many activities for learning French and Spanish, created foreign languages by a teacher at Prospect High School in foreign languages Illinois.

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