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Join a team of archaeologists as they search for Ubar, the lost city of Arabia, and see how they apply the technology of remote sensing to "see" the site without actually excavating it.

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See Also:
  • Iron Age Celts - Learn about the people who lived in Britain 2000 years ago. From the BBC.
  • NOVA Online: Lost City of Arabia - Join a team of archaeologists as they search for Ubar, the lost city of Arabia, and see how they apply the technology of remote sensing to "see" the site without actually excavating it.
  • Pecos Rio Grande Museum of Early Man - Looks at the history of humans in West Texas from archaeological finds.
  • Five Points - Tells how archaeologists and historians rediscovered a famous nineteenth-century New York neighborhood. Also answers questions such as "What do artifacts tell us about everyday life?"
  • Simon Fraser University Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology - Young Adventurers' Page - Provides a look at virtual museum exhibits, land school time of archaeology, building the temples, also with fun, school time and games.
  • Archaeological Adventure - ThinkQuest project explains what archaeology is and its school time methods school time and techniques. Examples of significant discoveries including school time Troy, Shiqmim, school time the Egyptian Pyramids. Glossary.
  • Archaeology For Kids! - Photos and resources plus information on summer archaeology programs at Binghamton University in New York.
  • Archaeology at the Dawn of History: The Khirbet Iskander Collection - Introduces students to the world of archaeology through archaeology a virtual school time visit to Jordan\'s Khirbet Iskander dig archaeology site.
  • North Ferriby Bronze Age Boats - Information on the three bronze age boats found social studies by the River Humber at North Ferriby
  • A Journey to a New Land - Looks at the history of people in North school time America. school time Includes photographs and descriptions of prehistoric sites.
  • Unlocking the Past - Talks about cultures in contact and conflict, new social studies lands social studies and environments, building cities, and archeology of social studies work.
  • Mysterious Places - Mali, Easter Island, Stonehenge, Chichen Itza, and other social studies ancient social studies civilizations and sacred sites.
  • Dig - An online version of the children\\'s magazine on archaeology from the publishers of Archaeology Magazine. Quizzes, fun facts, and contests.
  • ThinkQuest : Archaeology Adventure - Go on a guided tour of our past, social studies present, social studies and future.
  • Archaeological Sites - Click on region of the world for list school time of archaeology major archaeological sites with descriptions of each.
  • About Archaeology - Explains what archaeologists do and definitely don\\'t do. archaeology From the school time Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology.
  • ThinkQuest: Raiders of the Lost Art - High school students present the study of archaeology archaeology and the school time study of four civilizations - ancient archaeology Egypt, medieval Europe, ancient school time China, and the American archaeology West of the eighteenth century.
  • National Park Service: Archeology Program - Learn the tasks required of the archeologist and social studies the school time specific fields of study. Page includes social studies information about school time how the digging sites are selected social studies and unearthed artifacts school time are recorded.
  • Mummy Bear - Trace Mummy Bear\\'s history to learn about the school time process school time of mummification.
  • Kids Dig Reed - Includes a virtual tour of the dig, gallery of artifacts, games and puzzles, and a talking cow.
  • ThinkQuest: The Dig: Adventures in Archaeology - Looks at what archaeology is, how they do archaeology it, and school time some famous sites.
  • Archaeology at Colonial Williamsburg - Simple look at what archaeology is and how social studies it school time enhances the study of history. Includes games social studies and projects school time kids can do at home.

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