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Juvenile Series and Sequels* - A database of easy reader, children's, and young adult series books. Organized by series, title, subject, and author. A readers' advisory service of the Mid-Continent Public Library.

  • Proof of the Power - Full-text ERIC Digest about the impact of school library media library and information science programs on the academic achievement of U.S. public school students.
  • Connecting Young Adults and Libraries - Supplement to the book of the same name. Includes links library and information science and resources of interest to those serving youth in libraries.
  • Services and Resources for Children and Young Adults in Public Libraries - Results of a study on the various kinds of public library services and resources available for children and young adults. Commissioned by the United States Department of Education, Office of Library Programs, and released in 1995.
  • Barahona Center for the Study of Books in Spanish for Children and Adolescents - Written in both English and Spanish, this site lists recommended subject specialties books, professional resources, workshops, proceedings, friends, and links to other subject specialties related sites.
  • It's Storytime - A collection of storytime themes with related books, youth-children fingerplays, flannel boards, poetry, and songs.
  • The Librarian's Guide to Anime and Manga - An overview of the genres, resources for selecting, youth-children and special subject specialties considerations for libraries. Includes a list youth-children of recommended titles.
  • High School Students and Their Use of the World Wide Web for Research - Reports the results of a study that shows teenagers are youth-children having difficulty in evaluating resources on the Web. Uses youth-children Perry\\'s Scheme of Student Development to provide a framework for youth-children the findings.
  • The Libri Foundation - A nationwide non-profit organization which donates new children\\'s books to small, rural public libraries in the United States. Includes fundraising ideas, application and donation information, and a wishlist of books.
  • - Children\\'s literature resources and storytime ideas for school library and information science and public librarians.
  • Children's Books - An index of award winners, booklists, and series library and information library and information science science books for young readers.
  • Public Library Services for Home Schooling - An ERIC Digest article about the different ways that public libraries can serve home schooled students and their home schooling parents.
  • Amelia Bloomer Project: - Recommended books that embody feminist principles and the subject specialties fight subject specialties for the freedom of self, body, mind, subject specialties and spirit. subject specialties Titles have been selected for readers subject specialties from birth through subject specialties age 18. Sponsored by the subject specialties Feminist Task Force of subject specialties the Social Responsibilities Round subject specialties Tab
  • BayNews Storytime Ideas - Thematic storytime ideas with suggested books, activities, and youth-children crafts.
  • Nancy J. Keane's Children's Literature Webpage - Booktalks, reading recommendations, book reviews, and general information about children\'s literature.
  • The Children's Book Committee at Bank Street College - Annotated booklists, awards, and reviews intended to help library and information library and information science science librarians and teachers select books for children ages library and library and information science information science 4 to 14.
  • Becoming Digital: Policy Implications for Library Youth Services - An examination of issues surrounding the digitization of library and information science library services for children and young adults.[PDF]
  • Children's Literature in a Time of National Tragedy - A full-text ERIC Digest that examines how literature can be library and information science used to explain the events of September 11th to children.
  • Mother Goose Time Pathfinder - Resources and recommended materials for planning "books and library and information library and information science science babies" programs in the public library.
  • Know Kidding - A youth services programming handbook in PDF format for public library and information science library staff. Developed by and for Illinois librarians, but suitable library and information science for use in any library.
  • Young Adult Services Professional Resources - A list of recommended books and electronic resources subject specialties for library and information science library professionals working with a young adult subject specialties population. Prepared library and information science by faculty of the Queen College subject specialties (NY) Graduate School library and information science of Library and Information Science.[PDF]
  • KDL Youth Newsletter - A monthly youth services newsletter created by staff at Kent District (Michigan) Library. Includes information about early literacy, books, music, Web resources, and professional development.[PDF]
  • - Online community for librarians who work with teenagers youth-children in public or school settings. Includes news, resources, youth-children message board, chat, and links.
  • We the People Bookshelf - A themed list of classic books that represent subject specialties American subject specialties history, culture, and ideals. Includes information about subject specialties how libraries subject specialties can win a "We the People" subject specialties bookshelf, books, and subject specialties supplementary materials. A project of subject specialties the National Endowment for subject specialties the Hu
  • YAPP: The Young Adult Professional's Page - An index of links to resources for librarians who serve young adults. Visitors may search by keyword or browse links by subject heading.
  • Summer Reading - Answers to several "how" and "why" questions about setting up youth-children a summer reading program. Includes information about goals, themes, budget, youth-children incentives, staff involvement, and program evaluation.
  • Authors Among Us: Librarians as Children's Writers - A database of library professionals who are authors library and information subject specialties science of published, forthcoming, and not-yet-published books for children library and subject specialties information science and young adults.
  • Young Adult Librarian's Help/Homepage - Resource page listing resources for young adult librarians including journals, youth-children associations, and literature.
  • Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Library Web Page - Details about planning an "Afternoon Adventures with Dungeons subject specialties and Dragons" program at the library. Includes instructions subject specialties for ordering a free "Afternoon Adventures" kit and subject specialties downloadable documents to support the program.
  • PUBYAC: Public Libraries, Young Adults, and Children - A discussion list about the practical aspects of subject specialties children\\'s and young adult services in public libraries. subject specialties Topics are focused on programming ideas, outreach, literacy, subject specialties censorship and policy issues, collection development, administrative considerations, subject specialties job
  • The Center for Children's Books - A research center for children\\'s and youth services librarians. Includes online resources for collection development, storytelling, and programming.
  • See YA Around: Library Programming for Teens - Planning ideas for teen programs. Includes icebreakers, group library and information library and information science science activities, games, and crafts.
  • Superiorland Preview Center - Children\\'s book reviews and collection development guidance for subject specialties small- and medium-sized public libraries and school media subject specialties centers serving children and youth from preschool to subject specialties grade 12. Emphasis is on the geography, wildlife, subject specialties folklore, industry, recreation
  • School Librarian Web Pages - Collection of web pages created or maintained by school librarians. Includes information about school libraries for personal and professional use.
  • Dígame un cuento/Tell Me a Story: Bilingual Library Programs for Children and Families - A guide for developing English-Spanish library activities for library and information science toddlers through young adults and families. Based on library and information science material from the 2001 and 2002 Texas Reading library and information science Club Manual.
  • Library Latchkey Children - Full-text ERIC Digest report about how children spend library and information subject specialties science their after-school hours at the public library.
  • Comic Books for Young Adults - An introduction to comic book and graphic novel library and information science formats, genres, publishers, and collection development issues for library and information science libraries that serve young adults.
  • Cary Memorial Library Children's Booklists - A collection of thematic booklists in PDF format subject specialties for children from preschool through high school.
  • EZ Library Programs - A database of library program ideas. Search by subject specialties topic, subject specialties audience, program type, and cost. A project subject specialties of the subject specialties Mid-Hudson (New York) Library System.
  • Guidelines for Children's Library Services - A global guide designed to help public libraries library and information science around the world develop services for children and library and information science young adults. Prepared by the Libraries for Children library and information science and Young Adults Section of the International Federation library and information science of Library Associations.[PDF]
  • Babies' Lap Time - Resources for planning baby and toddler storytimes. Includes library and information youth-children science planning tips, theme ideas, and sample programs for library and youth-children information science children ages 6 to 24 months.
  • Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks - An annotated list of graphic novels and trade paperbacks recommended for young adult collections in public libraries.
  • Doug Johnson - Articles, columns, evaluation tools, and handouts for school subject specialties library library and information science and educational technology issues. Includes contact information subject specialties for Doug library and information science Johnson.

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