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Offers library support groups some ideas for making February a month-long celebration of school, public, and private libraries of all types.

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  • ALA News Archive - Collected headlines related to US libraries, grouped by month of publication. Archives go back to 1997.
  • LibLinks - Directory of library resource links organized by US reference states.
  • Wikipedia - Libraries - Encyclopedia article which examines the history and issues relating to libraries.
  • ERIC Digests on Libraries - Offers an annotated list with links to ERIC reference Digests that reference relate to libraries, librarianship, and library reference science.
  • St. Jerome (331-420 A.D.) - A long biography of the patron of librarians, the most learned of the Fathers of the Western Church.
  • Library Link of the Day - A daily link for library enthusiasts. Also available libraries via e-mail libraries or an RSS feed.
  • UNESCO Libraries Portal - Directory of online resources on librarianship and library science, as well as the websites of individual institutions.
  • You Are Not Alone (Maybe) - Frequently asked reference questions, posted by the University of Michigan\'s libraries Internet Public Library.
  • Library Lovers' Month - Offers library support groups some ideas for making reference February a reference month-long celebration of school, public, and reference private libraries of all reference types.
  • Stump the Librarian - List of correctly answered questions by reference librarians at Central Michigan University that were submitted as part of contest.
  • Libraries, Information and Society - Postings and information from this international, holist and libraries free Internet discussion forum to promote the commons libraries and openness values of public information, and knowledge.
  • BUBL Information Service - An Internet-based information service for the UK higher education community.
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