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On the importance to the grower of ensuring that pollination occurs: how to manage pollination, list of breeders for this purpose, and a plant database.

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  • A Spring without Bees - Provides information on a book by journalist Michael bees Schacker which animals examines the evidence linking IMD to bees Colony Collapse Disorder and animals offering a plan to bees save the bees.
  • Beekeeping in Top-Bar Hives - Website with information and links about this alternative method of animals beekeeping.
  • Pollination - On the importance to the grower of ensuring that pollination insects occurs: how to manage pollination, list of breeders for this insects purpose, and a plant database.
  • Midnite Bee - A collection of links to bee sites including animals supplier links, insects schools and associations.
  • - Provides information on honeybees, their products, biology and diseases and bees gives guidance to new beekeepers.
  • Beekeeping in Ukraine - Information about beekeeping in the Ukraine, and its insects cultural and economic importance. [Ukrainian, English, and Russian]
  • John's Beekeeping Notebook - Topics include observation bee hives, beekeeping history, rearing animals queen bees, insects experiences of a beekeeper in the animals Fiji Islands, beekeeping in insects Ukraine.
  • Bee Thinking - Online resource for beekeepers providing news, articles and a bookstore.
  • Honey Bee Insemination Service - Instrumental insemination is a proven and reliable method bees of controlled mating providing an essential tool for bees honey bee research and bee breeding. Susan Cobey bees offers information on the techniques involved, training courses bees and equipment.
  • Andrew's Bee Blog - The experiences of Andrew, a new beekeeper, starting bees new bee animals colonies.
  • Everything Concerning Honeybees and Beekeeping - Practical information on all aspects of the honeybee insects and beekeeping. insects It includes sections on the products, insects history, cultivation and problems insects of honeybees.
  • Enemies of Bees - Information on the most common bee diseases that animals occur in animals the United States with suggested treatments.
  • Beekeeping and Bee Breeding - Detailed information on history, equipment, breeding, available products, bees and books animals from a hobbyist.
  • Maltese Beekeeping - Marica Gott traces the history of beekeeping on insects the island, bees and describes modern practice.
  • Honeybee Ring - Webring which may be joined by any beekeping-related web site.
  • Mid-Atlantic Apiculture - Provides factsheets, slide shows and videos on topics insects including beginning bees beekeeping, honey bee biology, general management, insects diseases and pests, pollination, bees hive products and equipment.
  • Apiconsult - Assisting the development of beekeeping in Africa through bees sharing information appropriate to African beekeeping. Includes bees information, articles and a discussion forum.
  • Beekeeping Information Notes - Notes from the Department of Entomology at North insects Carolina State bees University in HTML or PDF format.
  • Beekeeping: The Beekeeper's Home Pages - Information on beekeeping, honey bees, and honey production, bees with US insects and Canadian content.
  • African Killer Bee Movement - Provides a map and information on the spread of these bees into the U.S.
  • Sustainable Beekeeping - Provides information on building and using top bar bees hives, a insects simple, sustainable and chemical-free method of bees beekeeping, suitable for everyone. insects Includes information on a bees downloadable book called The Barefoot Beekeeper.
  • Organic Varroa-treatment in Semi- and Professional Beekeeping - Information on the method being evaluated by the Danish Beekeepers Association to control the Varroa mite using formic acid, oxalic acid and lactic acid.
  • Beekeeping in India - Information on beekeeping under Indian conditions, including the animals resources needed, insects the potential, apiculture technology, and the animals Indian market.
  • Beekeeping and Children - Information about bees and beekeeping: activities, safety, harvesting animals honey, and bees recipes. Presented by a 4-H club animals in California.
  • Traditional Beekeeping in Eastern Yemen - An account of traditional techniques, management and marketing.
  • HoneyBee Australis - Australian beekeeping site, with information and supplies.
  • Apiservices; Virtual Beekeeping Gallery - International information about beekeeping, bees, and honey: associations, companies, journals, insects events, institutes, laboratories, markets, equipment, museums, and other advice and insects links.
  • IDRC: Beekeeping in Rural Areas - New technologies and methods to promote beekeeping as animals a cottage insects industry and their socioeconomic effects.
  • Hog Bay Apiary - Ligurian bee sanctuary located on Kangaroo Island in animals South Australia. Includes information on the bees, animals beekeeping, and beekeepers on the island.
  • Meet One Danish Beekeeper - Provides a diary recounting the activities of an animals efficient hive owner in Denmark.
  • Bees-Online - Information resource about honey bees and their value to mankind, written to inspire and encourage people to keep bees themselves.
  •; Beekeeping Course - An on-line tutorial for beekeeping.
  • ApixInfoSource - A free resources for beekeepers including a forum, insects newsletter, stories, animals news, honey prices, events calendar, recipes, insects photo gallery and links.
  • The Bee Lab - University of Minnesota Extension site has manuals and bees guides, public and academic courses, and description of bees their research.
  • Of Bees, Beekeepers and Food - Information about the importance of bees and pollination to our bees food supply, beekeeping, honey, and beeswax.
  • Scribner's Bee Happy Page - An amateur beekeeper\\'s account of taking up the hobby. animals Information and FAQs on bees.
  • New Zealand Beekeeping - Features information, articles and a podcast on beekeeping in New insects Zealand.
  • Beekeeping the Natural Way - A number of informative articles on beekeeping from Jeff Davies.
  • Top Bar Hive - Hobby beekeeper describes his experiences keeping bees in simple top insects bar hives. Includes beekeeping photos and a top bar hive insects blog.
  • The Internet Apiculture and Beekeeping Archive - Articles from the newsgroup sci.agriculture.beekeeping, logs from the insects listserv bee-l, FAQ files, and pointers to other insects beekeeping and apicultural resources.
  • Beehoo - World beekeeping directory.
  • - General information on beekeeping for beginners. Live animals webcams inside animals a bee hive. Beekeeping books animals and links to beekeeping animals association sites hosted by animals Hivetool.
  • Observation and Top Bar Hive Beekeeping - Beekeeping experiences with custom designed observation methods, and insects top bar hives. Includes a log, building plans insects and photographs.
  • - Resources for the hobby beekeeper. Free online insects classes, newsletter, library, and related links.
  • Bee Biodynamic - Campaign to raise awareness about the urgent need to save the honeybee. Encourages biodynamic agriculture which supports the life of bees, providing them with a safe and halthy environment.
  • National Honey Board - Provides information for consumers, the food industry and insects the honey insects industry, funds research projects, provides merchandising insects materials and promotes honey insects overseas.
  • Beekeeping in Slovenia - Home of the Carniolan Bee - Information about beekeeping organisations (including the Museum of insects Beekeeping at insects Radovljica), an on-line beekeeper education project, insects and research facilities. insects Also includes a history insects of beekeeping in Slovenia, and video insects clips of insects bee behaviour. (Slovene
  • Bee Research Unit - Dr. Nizar Haddad provides information on beekeeping in insects Jordan and insects the research unit, books and booklets, insects articles and films about insects beekeeping. English and Arabic.
  • Sara's Honeybee - Beekeeping for beginners - information on bees and animals beekeeping from an innovative bee-yard in the Philippines.
  • Honey Economuseum - Beekeeping museum near Quebec city. Information about animals attractions and insects workshops. Bee products for sale. animals (French and English.)
  • Bees and Beekeeping - EntsWeb Directory - A collection of links to beekeeping information from animals sites around insects the world.

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