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A free membership society to bring together the delegates, sponsors, and exhibitors for the Satellite Navigation Conference and to foster, develop, and assist the Global Positioning System disciplines.

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  • Hyperbolic Positioning Algorithm - An algorithm for obtaining an exact solution for geomatics the three dimensional location of a mobile geomatics given the locations of four fixed stations (like geomatics a GPS satellite or a base station geomatics in a cell) and the signal time of geomatics arrival (TOA) from the mobile to each statio
  • The GPS Waypoint Base - Non-commercial project allowing the collection or submission of global positioning system GPS waypoints.
  • GPS Information - Mehaffey, Yeazel and DePriest\\'s site provides dozens of reviews and technical articles on GPS receivers and software, and a huge list of links.
  • USCG Navigation Center - GPS, DGPS, LORAN-C, OMEGA, navigation systems, GPS navigation, global positioning system DGPS navigation.
  • GPS ActiveX - Download information into a Visual Basic application or web page. Garmin, Magellan, Navman or any NMEA 0183 enabled GPS supported. UTM, SPCS, British National Grid, and most other national coordinate systems supported. [Windows and Pocket PC].
  • GENESIS - Suite of data services that brings together the new Earth science products to be produced by spaceborne Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers. It serves mainly as a database for GPS occultation observations.
  • Outdoor Gear Reviews - GPS receiver comparisons.
  • Travel by GPS - Downloadable free GPS maps for travel adventures, self-guided tours, and outdoor activities. Map data includes waypoints and routes for use with handheld GPS and car navigation systems.
  • Septentrio Satellite Navigation - Dual frequency GPS and GLONASS, as well geomatics as EGNOS, earth sciences WAAS and MSAT based on an geomatics in-house single baseband processor.
  • Chartracer Software - Cartographic Software is for making moving maps on earth sciences which GPS data from a serial port are earth sciences plotted. Data are tracked remotely via CDPD earth sciences modems and internet sites.
  • GPS by Globespotter - GPS education, news, hardware, software, and links. Digital mapping.
  • Cetus GPS - Navigation, tracking and field data collection software for earth sciences PalmOS geomatics handhelds.
  • Wing Way Systems - Navigation-Wonder, a shareware GPS mapping navigation software including voice response system [Windows].
  • GPS Deformation Monitoring - Objective is the development of a system for earth sciences rapid and inexpensive monitoring of unstable slopes, such earth sciences as pit walls, earth\rock slopes and dam walls earth sciences using global satellite positioning technology.
  • GPS Clocks for Computer Time Synchronization - Learn about how to use GPS for computer earth sciences time geomatics synchronization. We offer a GPSClock (for computer earth sciences use) that\\'s geomatics accurate to a millionth of a earth sciences second. Ideal for geomatics running a stratum one NTP earth sciences server.
  • Advanced Research Corporation - Company based in Oregon, USA providing engineering and earth sciences consulting geomatics services specializing in global navigation satellite systems earth sciences (GNSS) technologies geomatics and other positioning, navigation and timing earth sciences (PNT) systems.
  • The National GPS Network - Resource from the UK Government intended for GPS-equipped surveyors, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) developers who work with Ordnance Survey (OS) mapping. Includes the Passive Station Database, Active Station RINEX Data, and Coordinate Converter
  • GPS Kwajalein - GPS Ground Station on Kwajalein Island, photographs of earth sciences the global positioning system island and site. Links to others GPS earth sciences sites.
  • GPS Precise Orbits - Global Positioning System satellite ephemerides ("orbits") information global positioning system for the general public, from US NOAA. GPS global positioning system precise orbits are derived using 24 hour data global positioning system segments from the global GPS network. An informational global positioning system summary file is provided to do
  • - Database of geographical waypoint information and utilities for GPS/GIS users.
  • Australian Global Positioning Systems Society - A free membership society to bring together the geomatics delegates, sponsors, earth sciences and exhibitors for the Satellite Navigation geomatics Conference and to foster, earth sciences develop, and assist the geomatics Global Positioning System disciplines.
  • GPS Discounts for Educators - GPS special pricing for Trimble GeoExplorer 3 and ProXR/XRS educator kits. GPS education and training courses. Tutorials to learn about the GPS system. GPS consulting and course development.
  • GPS Status Information from US Naval Observatory - Via ftp.
  • David L. Wilson's GPS Accuracy - A discussion of horizontal and vertical errors including uses of HDOP to estimate and improve horizontal error.
  • The Global Positioning System: The History of GPS - The history and story of how the Global Positioning System evolved from the development of the world\\'s most accurate timepieces, atomic clocks, by physicists looking into the nature of time. Adapted from an article written by MIT scientist Daniel Kleppne
  • GPS Site from Univ of Texas - Global positioning system overview and bibliography.
  • RLA GeoSystems - Source for GPS information and training. Trimble ProXRS and GeoExplorer3 geomatics receivers, top 10 websites, GPS for educators and free help.
  • Internet-based Global Differential GPS - C-language software package for GPS-based real-time positioning and global positioning system earth sciences orbit determination. Includes system overview, technical papers, and global positioning system earth sciences a live demo .
  • Satellite Navigation and Positioning Group (SNAP) - SNAP is Australia\\'s largest academic GPS research group specialising in global positioning system high precision GPS technology and applications.

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