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Gives a brief overview of how a GIS is used, some of the theory behind how it operates, as well as a discussion of various applications.

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  • GIS Lounge - The complete source for information and resources. Information social sciences on geography data and applications and about GIS careers.
  • Public Health - Provides information on the use of GIS in public health applications, from a 1998 conference.
  • ReGeo Geo-Information System - Project aimed at creating an information system based geographic information systems geography on a virtual geo-multimedia database, which will serve geographic information systems geography different applications including rural communities and eco-tourism.
  • GIS Case Studies - Examples of United States and Canada raster and vector GIS geographic information systems projects.
  • GIS Cafe - A resource for GIS professionals.
  • Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis: GIS Timeline Team - A timeline reference outlining the history of GIS.
  • Example Code - Forum features information and resources related to GIS.
  • GIS Skills Page - Page contains Ryan Galbraith's academic and work experience.
  • SpatialNews - News, features, career postings, events, and daily wire.
  • EPA Region - Environmental Protection Agency resource for GIS system data social sciences and applications in New York, New Jersey, Puerto social sciences Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • Wen Tzai-Hung's Geospatial Research - Describes study results on the use of geographic geography information system models that could be used to geography help people with water usage control and epidemic geography health risk predictions. Includes map illustrations.
  • European Geo-Portal - Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe is an initiative launched by the European Commission.
  • Steigerwald, Scott - Exploration of geography, GIS, geographic programming and serving maps on geography the web. Resource for ArcIMS and ESRI-based software.
  • GISuser - Site delivers the latest news, feature articles, and geographic information systems social sciences updates concerning the use of GIS, LBS, GPS, geographic information systems social sciences and geospatial technologies.
  • The Food and Agriculture Organization - The FAO GeoNetwork provides Internet access to interactive geography maps, satellite imagery and related spatial databases.
  • U.S. Geological Survey - Gives a brief overview of how a GIS geography is used, social sciences some of the theory behind how geography it operates, as well social sciences as a discussion of geography various applications.
  • Geography Network - An Internet portal to spatial data.
  • GIS Monitor - GIS monitor goes beyond the headlines and press geography releases. Local, geography county, state and federal Mapping and geography GIS users, consultants read geography and depend on the geography GIS Monitor Newsletter every week.
  • - Provides introductory overviews on many aspects of GIS. Find information about industries, curriculums and current events in GIS.
  • GeoCommunity - Data downloads, news, software tools and utilities.

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