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Non-profit association of professionals using GIS and other information technologies to solve challenges in US state and local government agencies.

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  • Arizona State Cartographer's Office - This state office is responsible for developing and managing a geography long-term program for collecting, updating, and disseminating statewide GIS data geography and information about data.
  • GeoData Alliance - Committed to enabling creation, effective and equitable flow, and beneficial organizations use of geographic information.
  • Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA) - Non-profit association of professionals using GIS and other organizations information technologies geography to solve challenges in US state organizations and local government agencies.
  • Central American Geographic Information Network - Network of government institutions promoting GIS and national geographic information systems organizations spatial data infrastructure.
  • Open Planning project - A non-profit technology organization advocating for digital democracy geography for the digital earth and contributing to a geography free, distributed, and open geographic information infrastructure.
  • California Geographic Information Association - As a partner organization with the Federal Geographic Data Committee, CGIA is working to define and develop California\\'s portion of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure.
  • Geomatics Yukon - Geomatics Yukon of Government Services is the territorial coordinating body for geographical information systems (GIS). It helps government, business and the public organize and use GIS data.
  • Region I Planning and Development Council - A non-profit public agency assisting communities in southern geography West Virginia with planning, grant writing, GIS mapping, geography and data analysis and collection.
  • Geospatial Information and Technology Association (GITA) - This organization focuses on the advancements of geospatial technology specific organizations to the fields of telecommunications, infrastructure and utility applications.
  • IGISS Institute - The Institute for GIS Studies is a non-profit 501(c)(3) that organizations is dedicated to promoting GIS technology.
  • American Congress on Surveying & Mapping (ACSM) - ACSM is a non-profit organization focused on the advancement of geographic information systems surveying, cartography, geodesy and GIS professions. The organization is geographic information systems comprised of four independent Member Organizations with more than 5,000 geographic information systems total members.
  • University Consortium for Geographic Information Science - A non-profit organization dedicated to advancing geographic processes and spatial relationships through theory, methods, technology, and data.
  • Professional Alliance for GIS and Geosciences - PAGG is a society formed for non-profit educational and scientific organizations purposes, to promote a better understanding of GIS and role organizations in support of the decision making process.
  • MassGIS - The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Office of Geographic and Environmental Information. Statewide GIS data, freely downloadable.
  • Arizona Geographic Information Council - AGIC is the geospatial coordination body for Arizona. AGIC promotes geographic information systems the use of GIS and related technologies to address problems, geographic information systems develop plans, and manage the resources Arizona.
  • European Umbrella Organisation for Geographic Information - EUROGI aims at maximizing the effective use of organizations geographic information for the benefit of the citizen, organizations good governance and commerce in Europe and to organizations represent the views of the geographic information community. organizations It achieves this by promoting, stimulating, en
  • Canadian Institute of Geomatics - Organization with the aim of advancing geomatics (aka GIS) within Canada.
  • Ukrainian Land and Resource Management Center (ULRMC) - Specializing in the use of remote sensing, digital organizations mapping, GIS, geography satellite imagery, and GPS.
  • Association for Geographic Information - Based in the United Kingdom, AGI provides geographic organizations information related organizations research and outreach.
  • The Society for Conservation GIS - A non-profit organization dedicated to applying GIS for the conservation geographic information systems of the world\'s resources. Sponsored by ESRI.
  • ICA Commission on generalisation and multiple representation - Website of the ICA commission on generalization and geography multiple representation organizations of the international cartography association which geography contains information about map organizations and geographical data generalization geography and multiple representation methods in research organizations and producti
  • United States Federal Geographic Data Committee - Coordinates development of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure.

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