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Combines sound and color meditations into a software package which can be used for personal and global meditation therapy and healing, includes program features and expected benefits.

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See Also:
  • Water Prayer - Engraved glasses to enhance prayer, meditation, and personal healing.
  • Balance and Power - Moving meditation program on tape and mandala paintings, meditation also offers alternative information on meditation seminars and events.
  • Complete Human Being - Educational program to be healthier, more spiritual, achieve weight loss, and be more successful.
  • Inner Concepts - Offers a program teaching one to gain control alternative of their meditation life through meditation and focusing techniques. alternative Includes workshop schedule and meditation message board.
  • Meditation State - Twelve week programs to create authentic happiness for alternative body, mind, and spirit.
  • Harmony In Design - Ergonomic meditation and yoga products, includes catalog and testimonials.
  • Blue Pearl Enterprises, Inc. - Meditation and massage cushions and mats, timers and alternative clocks, and meditation candles.
  • TAO Totem - Meditative tool for relaxation, focusing the mind, and self help.
  • Serenum Design - Handcrafted, wooden timer using chimes instead of buzzers.
  • The Tranquilities Series - Guided imagery programs blending nature sounds and music health with aromatherapy to reduce stress, promote healing, and health increase overall health.
  • Vaaak Sounds - Guided meditation CDs and videos, prayer beads, incense, alternative and related alternative meditation and personal transformation products.
  • Pema Design Studio - Meditation and yoga support products including pillows, traditional mats, and alternative wooden seats.
  • Stillpoint Creations - Handmade silk and wool meditation and yoga blankets.
  • Vantage Quest - Uses harmonic tones to achieve deep altered states alternative of consciousness meditation for creativity, relaxation, meditation, health, and alternative personal transformation.
  • Amida - Meditation products for a variety of spiritual traditions alternative including crystals, meditation cushions, books, and clothing.
  • Labyrinth Products from Relax 4 Life - Labyrinth items including finger labyrinths, jewelry, decorations, gifts, books, tapes, and other meditation and relaxation products.
  • 30 Minute Mandalas - A book on active meditation and coloring therapy.
  • Mind Tek Research - Courses, books, and cds to teach meditation. Also meditation offers remote meditation viewing training.
  • Atlantean One Meditation Helmet - Copper and crystal helmet for enhancing meditation.
  • Children's Guided Meditation - Guided meditation for children, and chakra doll.
  • Zen Clock Meditation Timer - Wooden meditation and reiki timers shaped as pyramids.
  • Dance of Life - Meditation bench hand sculpted from domestic hardwoods. meditation Includes wood choice options and photo sample.
  • Love, Joy & Peace Creations - Handmade finger labyrinths, meditation lanterns, and prayer stoles.
  • Meditation Bench - Benches and cushions, shawls, worry beads, and kneeling meditation mats.
  • Alpha Cushions - Handmade meditation cushions, mats, and stools. Also offers meditation yoga mats and posture stools.
  • Jon Shore - Books, tapes, and CDs for meditation, relaxation, and stress reduction.
  • Finger Labyrinths - Handmade ceramic finger labyrinths.
  • Sage Meditation - Cushions and mats, timers and clocks, and candles.
  • Tones for Health - Combines sound and color meditations into a software meditation package which alternative can be used for personal and meditation global meditation therapy and alternative healing, includes program features meditation and expected benefits.

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