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Personal opinion about James Davidson, proprietor, currently under a 63 count indictment in Tennessee for fraud for claiming to cure cancer.

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The Sceptics Dictionary* - Definitions and essays on alternative medicine ideas and practices with references to the best skeptical literature.

  • My Ordeal as a Patient of Dr. Christiane Northrup M.D. - A true story that raises serious questions concerning alternative the absence opposing views of accountability in physicians who market alternative themselves as holistic.
  • Iridology - Information on diagnoses one can really observe in alternative the eye, and why iridology is fraud.
  • Medicine - Skeptical articles on alternative medicine topics by Gary Posner.
  • CINAM - Examines alternative (complementary) medicine from an evangelical Christian opposing views viewpoint opposing views using objective science and biblically based criteria.
  • QuackWatch - Nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to combat health-related opposing views frauds, health myths, fads, and fallacies. Information on quackery, opposing views questionable therapies health and products.
  • Health Watch UK - Discussion on assessment and testing of treatments and opposing views information alternative for the public why only thoroughly tested opposing views treatments are alternative safe. Non-profit organization in the UK.
  • Alternative Medicine - Scientist Vic Stenger\\'s page on alternative medicine and alternative quackery. Articles health on homeopathy, energy healing and the alternative science of prayer.
  • Complementary and Alternative Therapies - Systemic reviews, meta analyses and general information on alternative medicine health from the Oxford University.
  • The Millenium Project - Uncovers promoters of quackery and those who lie about the dangers of vaccines. A list with a several hundred fundamental websites, commentaries on fraudulent organisations and sites, hate-mail from uncovered quacks, tributes and awards.
  • Monterrey Wellness Center Makes Me Sick - Personal opinion about James Davidson, proprietor, currently under health a 63 health count indictment in Tennessee for fraud health for claiming to cure health cancer.
  • Alternative Medicine and Quackery - Alternative medicine and quackery: what various alternative healing methods exist? health For what diseases? Mainly critical viewpoints.
  • The Quack-Files - Critical reviews, specially of alternative medicine. Provides resources and links alternative on quackery, alternative medicine and health fraud.
  • Ebm-first.com - Skeptical information on alternative medicine in general and articles on several specific types.
  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine - A collection of articles from Creighton University Medical Center that describe all different kinds of complementary treatments.
  • Debunking the Paranormal - A science writer\\'s guide to debunking pseudoscience, the paranormal, homeopathy, health and other far out claims of alternative medicine.
  • Anti-Quackery Resources - A collection of anti-quackery links and tools.
  • Rocky Mountain Skeptics - Failed Alternative Medicine - A database of negative testimony.
  • HealthLink MCW - Offers a question and answer dealing with the alternative safety of health alternative medicines.
  • NYH HealthCare Communications Group - Healthcare-related communications from Nancy Yanes-Hoffman.
  • Why Therapies May Seem to Work (Even When They Don't) - Reasons care givers and their clients who rely on anecdotal health evidence and uncontrolled observations may erroneously conclude that therapies work.
  • ABC of Complementary Medicine - What is Alternative Medicine - A review article from the British Medical Journal on Alternative and Complementary medicine.
  • False Coral Calcium Claims - Explains that the content of coral calcium is not very opposing views different from the calcium carbonate found in other supplements.

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