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Research into the information literacy skills of Peeps. Includes detailed documentation and pictures on this special population of Easter candy.

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  • The Driving Insane - This weblog provides a glimpse into the alternate, semi-psychotic universe of the local public library (with some forays into the outside world.)
  • The Lighter Side of Librarianship - Links to a variety of entertaining library- or book-related resources, including the Book Game, Wordplay, library records, and others.
  • Library Books 4U - Stories and quotes about libraries.
  • Tom the Dancing Bug - Ruben Bolling\\'s Tom the Dancing Bug considers the librariana possibilities of librariana the public library. From
  • Interstitial Library - An infinite collection of books–obscure, lost, or not yet written–that librariana belong in the spaces between the books on a library librariana shelf. Frequently asked questions, history of the collection, and how librariana to participate.
  • Hypatia's Humorous Library Tales - Such categories as Strange Items Found in Books, Weird Patrons, librariana and Creepy Crawlies.
  • The Laughing Librarian - Huge collection of links, Zen koans, bookmarks and humor signs, sig humor file quotes.
  • All About Deselection (a.k.a. Weeding) for Libraries - Tongue-in-cheek checklist.
  • Biblia's Warrior Librarian Weekly - Satirical electronic journal featuring original library humor.
  • I am the Very Model of Computerized Librarian - Gilbert and Sullivan parody, lyrics by Diane M. O’Keefe, MSLS, and Janet T. O’Keefe, MLS.
  • Conan the Librarian - Conan inhabits the mythical Information Age, where he library and information science is a typical reference librarian. His world nevertheless library and information science bears some strange similarities to our own. library and information science From the Minnesota Association of Law Libraries.
  • Unshelved - Daily comic strip set in a public library.
  • Librarian's Lao-Tzu: The Book of the Library and Its Ways - Lao Tzu, the reputed author of the work, was a librarian. This is the first attempt by a fellow librarian to translate the Tao te Ching.
  • Librarian Avengers - Commentary on libraries and librarians including why one library and information humor science should fall to his knees and worship librarians.
  • - Selection of jokes.
  • Library Humor - Humorous stories and cartoons about libraries, librarians, and related topics.
  • Peep Research - Research into the information literacy skills of Peeps. humor Includes humor detailed documentation and pictures on this humor special population of Easter humor candy.
  • The Lipstick Librarian - She's bold, she's sassy, she's helpful.
  • Library Humour - IFLA collection of library humour. Includes such librariana categories as Library Laws (with apologies to Murphy), librariana Lightbulb Jokes, and Perfect Excuses.
  • Library Cartoons - An annotated bibliography of cartoons dealing with aspects librariana of librarianship.

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