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The Italian Library Association's selection of resources for librariana in literature, the movies, TV, music, comics and jokes. Includes links and a bibliography.

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  • The Library Song - The lyrics and music for the renowned Public Library Song.
  • Search Books By Color - A unique OPAC search service from the New England School library and information science of Law Library, Boston, Massachusetts. Reserve room titles are indexed library and information science according to their binding colors.
  • Literature, Libertines and Lenin's Wife - Famous librarians and famous people associated with libraries. library and information science [PDF][PDF]
  • Revolting Librarians - Full text of the 1972 anthology from the libraries library underground.
  • Librariana Anglicana - From the Anglican Library Society.
  • Top Ten Job Ad Mistakes - Ten ways to make sure potential applicants for librariana your library job are immediately turned off.
  • Librarian Doll - Toymaker finds librarian who\\'s a real doll. From library and information libraries science The Seattle Times. [Requires registration]
  • Librarian's Alphabet - An alphabetical look at librarianship.
  • Redesigning Library Services: A Manifesto - A blueprint for the future of library services by librarian librariana Michael Buckland. Originally published by the ALA in 1992.
  • Postage Stamp featuring the Library of Congress - Information about the Library of Congress Bicentennial Program\\'s commemorative stamp. library and information science Photographs of stamp and first day cover are prominently featured.
  • Culture and Humour in Libraries - The Italian Library Association\\'s selection of resources for librariana in libraries literature, the movies, TV, music, comics and jokes. Includes links libraries and a bibliography.
  • Famous Library Quotes and Quotations - Selection of quotes, arranged by topic.
  • Librarian's Book Club - An online discussion group that reads and discusses library and information libraries science books about libraries and the library profession.
  • Rudolf Rocker: Anarchist Librarian - German anarchist and Librarian of the Workers\\' Educational libraries Union of London who regarded his work as libraries "absorbing and a great joy."
  • Miss Charlotte Brown, Librarian, Goes Mad - Books have the answer.
  • Library Science Jargon That Sounds Dirty - Listed alphabetically.
  • Library Cat Map - Contact information.
  • Your Librarian Hates You - Pet peeves of one librarian.
  • Library Science Jeopardy - Based on the television show.
  • Librarians in Fiction - This article was originally published as: "Librarians in library and information librariana science Fiction; a Discussion." Education Libraries. v.21. no. library and librariana information science 1, 1997.
  • Quotations about Libraries and Librarians - IFLA collection of quotations about libraries, librarians, and books.
  • Manifesto of Avant-Garde Librarianship - Shake in your shoes bureaucrats! The time has come for a realization of the theory-death of the librarian...
  • Archives of the Librariana Listserv - Subscription required to browse archives.
  • librariansRgeeks2 - "A few simple mathematical calculations reveal that if librariana reference librarians were paid at market rates for librariana all the roles they play, they would have librariana salaries well over $200,000." A monetary manifesto librariana by librarian Tami Sutcliffe.
  • The Library History Buff: Librariana - Larry T. Nix promotes the collection, preservation, exhibition, and enjoyment of artifacts and memorabilia relating to libraries, librarians, and their history.
  • Library Referees - Commentary about the quality of the peer-review journal librariana system in Library Science. Includes downloadable data which librariana analyzes the publication record of editorial board members librariana of selected peer-review journals.
  • The Great Library Card Collection - Michael Sauers\\'s assortment of library cards from across the libraries country and around the world.
  • Librariana and Library Artifacts - Dan Lester\\'s inventory of library postcards, library and information science library paperweights, library dishes, silver library spoons library and information science and pornography which features librarians.
  • Bibliomysteries - Information about bibliomysteries (mysteries with book/archive/library connections).

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