Military Subject Specific Libraries

Reference sources of military interest, especially "Bibliographies, Briefing Guides, and Quick Lists" on hot topics including the Balkan conflict, military statistics, and legislative histories.

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See Also:
  • Military Librarians Division of the Special Libraries Association - Serves military librarians and librarianship.
  • Army Management Staff College - Sylvanus Thayer Library - Links to the online catalog and curricular resources subject specific arranged libraries by format of resource or by type subject specific of organization.
  • US Army Armor School Research Library - Library holdings, information, and links of interest to military users and enthusiasts, including bibliographies of resources for specific battles, access to digital libraries and magazines, and veteran's groups.
  • US Naval Academy Nimitz Library - Reference resources include subject guides, basic sources such as dictionaries, military and help sheets for starting research on the Internet.
  • Air University - Maxwell-Gunter Community Libraries - Curriculum and faculty support services including research resources military on the web, access to the online catalog, military and bibliographies of print materials. Located on military Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama, USA.
  • Combined Arms Research Library - Library information and electronic resources for military science. Supports the military US Army Command and General Staff College and the Combined military Arms Center at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.
  • US Naval Research Laboratory Ruth H. Hooker Library - Subject guides for the sciences, tutorials and research military guides for libraries searching the Internet, and access to military the online catalog.
  • Pritzker Military Library - Private research library supporting the study of military history and dedicated to the philosophy that all citizens should be knowledgeable about the military and its role in society.
  • Marine Corps University Research Center - Access to the online collections and resources in subject specific the libraries archives and library, including student papers and subject specific theses, military libraries publications, and other web pages.
  • NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Library - The Library holds a collection of more than libraries 20,000 books and approximately 200 journal titles. The libraries subjects covered are political science, military science, strategy, libraries arms production and disarmament, international organizations, economics, law, libraries computer s
  • US Army War College Library - Library information, access to the online catalog, and bibliographies and military current awareness lists of print resources.
  • Naval Postgraduate School Dudley Knox Library - General library information, access to the online catalog military and government subject specific databases, basic Internet tutorials, and research military resources arranged by topic.
  • Naval Historical Center Department Library - Information about the library and its special collections, military and access subject specific to publications by the library and military the NHC.
  • Pentagon Library - Reference sources of military interest, especially "Bibliographies, Briefing subject specific Guides, subject specific and Quick Lists" on hot topics subject specific including the subject specific Balkan conflict, military statistics, and legislative subject specific histories.
  • US Army Europe Library Program - Supports a command reference center (ULRC), 22 main military libraries and libraries 15 branch libraries, which share an military online catalog, research databases, libraries and services for military military families living in Europe.
  • Naval War College Library - General information about the library and links to subject specific NWC publications, the online catalog, and external links subject specific of interest.

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