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Mathematics and physics library; also the current physical home of the biology library until approximately 2002. News in the worlds of physics and math, internet links, and access to the online catalog.

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  • University of Virginia Science and Engineering Libraries - Portal to the six subject science libraries (Astronomy, libraries Biology/Psychology, Chemistry, subject specific Mathematics, Physics, and Engineering/Environmental Science) as libraries well as subject guides subject specific to a wide range libraries of subjects and types of information.
  • Vanderbilt University Stevenson Science and Engineering Library - Selected resources by discipline, an online map collection, science patent resources, and news.
  • Science Museum Library - A research library, open to the general public science for reference. libraries Collections form a record of scientific, science technological and medical change libraries since the eighteenth century. science London, UK.
  • UC Davis Physical Sciences and Engineering Library - Resources arranged by broad subject area include print science and electronic subject specific collections, as well as guides to science using databases and the subject specific library.
  • University of Maryland Engineering and Physical Sciences Library - Electronic resources include technical reports, preprints, access to patent and subject specific trademarks databases, and other sources arranged by subject and/or format.
  • UCLA Science and Engineering Library - Mainly library services and staff information; subject guides science in engineering subject specific and physical sciences include both proprietary science and free internet resources.
  • Carnegie Mellon Engineering and Science Library - Variety of subject guides, mainly in the applied libraries sciences and libraries engineering, and links to related collections libraries in other Pittsburgh libraries.
  • SUNY Stony Brook Science Libraries - Access to the seven branch science libraries (biology, science chemistry, computer science science, geoscience, marine and atmospheric sciences, science engineering, and math/physics/astronomy) and science to general databases and science Internet resources.
  • Linda Hall Library - Independent science, engineering, and technology library offering document subject specific delivery science services, online reference, and online exhibitions.
  • University of Nevada at Reno Science Libraries - Access to the five science libraries: DeLaMare (earth sciences, engineering, subject specific and computer science), Life and Health Sciences, Mary B. Ansari subject specific Map, Physical Sciences, and Savitt Medical.
  • City College of New York Science/Engineering Library - Variety of Internet sources arranged by subject, including libraries biology, chemistry, subject specific computing, earth and atmospheric sciences, engineering, libraries mathematics, and Internet developments.
  • MIT Science Library - Subject and database guides cover most areas of science pure and subject specific applied science, databases, and types of science materials (including technical reports, subject specific standards, and patents). science Also links to the science branches subject specific and affiliated science libraries.
  • UCSD Science and Engineering Library - Specializes in physical science, mathematics, and engineering information.
  • J.R.D. Tata Memorial Library - Library of the Indian Institute of Science, with science physical and subject specific electronic collections in science and technology.
  • Smith College Young Science Library - Links to the online resources, instruction, and general subject specific information, science with access to the 5-college online catalog.
  • Roger Milliken Textile Library - The Institute of Textile Technology library, with links subject specific to science the online catalog, reference help, and online subject specific resources.
  • University of Pennsylvania Science and Engineering Libraries - Selected web sites, resources guides, and e-reference resources subject specific for subject specific chemistry, engineering, math, physics, and astronomy.
  • National Centre for Science Information - On-line and off-line science and engineering databases. Located libraries in IISc, subject specific Bangalore, India.
  • UCSB Sciences Engineering Gateway - A jumping-off point for information in the pure and applied sciences from the UCSB Sciences-Engineering Library.
  • UCSC Science Library - Good information in the "Resources" and "Featured Sites" sections.
  • Harvard University Science Libraries - Links to the 19 science libraries' homepages.
  • University of Georgia Science Library - Includes the page "Science resources on the Internet", subject specific an index to web resources arranged by subject.
  • Paul V. Galvin Library - Links to subject guides, maintained by this Illinois Institute of science Technology library, in a number of engineering fields.
  • Northwestern University Science and Engineering Library - Includes resources for patents, standards, national labs, and subject specific organizations and societies, as well as general links subject specific arranged by subject, and other library services.
  • Radcliffe Science Library - Reference library and the science department of the Bodleian Library, libraries Oxford. A legal deposit (\\'copyright\\') library, receiving a free copy libraries of all British scientific publications. In addition a large number libraries of foreign works are purchased. There are especia
  • University of Queensland Dorothy Hill Physical Sciences and Engineering Library - Information about the library and collections, and a libraries number of libraries subject-specific "Findits" (guides to print and libraries electronic research resources).
  • Yale University Science Libraries Navigator - Links to the online catalog, general science references, and the eight science subject libraries, including forestry, engineering, chemistry, and the medical library.
  • Public Library of Science - Advocates the free distribution of science and medical libraries published articles.
  • University of New Mexico Centennial Science and Engineering Library - Offers online resources in general sciences and engineering subject specific as well as special collections for patents, maps, subject specific and government documents.
  • Fine Hall Library, Princeton University - Mathematics and physics library; also the current physical home of libraries the biology library until approximately 2002. News in the libraries worlds of physics and math, internet links, and access to libraries the online catalog.
  • Duke University Science and Engineering Libraries - Home of the four science branch libraries at subject specific Duke University: Chemistry, Biological and Environmental Sciences, Math/Physics, subject specific and the Vesic Engineering Library.
  • Weizmann Institute of Science Wix Central Library - Information about the library and its faculty branches, science including chemistry, subject specific mathematics, and science teaching, and links science to research sources for subject specific scientists and librarians.
  • University of Michigan Shapiro Science Library - A number of subject guides for print and electronic resources science in the major branches of science, including astronomy, statistics, and science the history of science.

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