Color Optics Physics

Concerns the measurement and control of coloured surfaces such as plastics, textiles, and surface coatings. It is intended for practitioners rather than theoreticians.

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See Also:
  • efg's Computer Lab: CIE Chromaticity Diagrams - Demonstrate how to display a 1931 CIE chromaticity color chart, as well as the transformations needed for color the 1960 and 1976 charts. The charts color can be displayed using either the 1931 2-degree color or 1964 10-degree standard observer.
  • efg's Computer Lab: Maxwell Triangle Lab Report - Demonstrate mixture of light with three primaries. optics Introduce concept of chromaticity coordinates.
  • Molecular Expressions: Science, Optics and You - An educational resource for the science of optics color and the physics of light and color intended color for teachers, students, and the general public.
  • efg's Computer Lab: Spectra Lab Report - A complete Delphi program, including source code, to optics display wavelength optics colors as a function of wavelength optics and optionally display the optics emission and absorption spectra optics of hydrogen.
  • Theory of Color - Unconventional way of classifying and teaching colors.
  • Munsell Color Science Laboratory - Academic laboratory dedicated to research and education in color science, optics based at Rochester Institute of Technology.
  • Color Matters - Several resources about color and its relationship with color other human activities.
  • Causes of Color - Explore the phenomena that create our colorful world.
  • Colortribe: The Color Pages - Provides a list of colors explaining the history physics and modern use of each.
  • Absorption of Solar Energy by Different Colors - A simple experiment testing the effect color has on the physics absorption and reflection of solar energy.
  • Glossary of Color Science Terms - When one speaks about color, some of these optics terms are physics sure to be used.
  • Whiteness - Explanation of applying fluorescent whitening agents to increase perceived whiteness.
  • The Munsell Color System - The original book of this name, published in optics 1921. The physics concepts of color hue, color value optics and color chroma are physics diagrammed and explained.
  • Colour Physics FAQ - Concerns the measurement and control of coloured surfaces optics such as physics plastics, textiles, and surface coatings. It optics is intended for practitioners physics rather than theoreticians.
  • efg's Computer Lab: Color Mix Lab Report - Interactive demonstration of mixing additive or subtractive colors.
  • Color FAQ - Clarifies aspects of colour specification and image coding color that are physics important to computer graphics, image color processing, video, and the physics transfer of digital images color to print.

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